Sudden Debt Release ‘No Data’, Melbourne Show This Thursday

by the partae

Sudden Debt are a three piece from Melbourne, the band uses noise, tremolo, delay, drum pads, vocal effects and bass chorus to create a unique and experimental sound. Band members include members of Heart Beach (Spunk!, Kingfisher Bluez, Rough Skies) and Ivy St (Wireless).


No Data is the third track of a series of three singles following the recently released DD and IIHLL.


A celebratory show will be held on the 29th of September at Nighthawks (Melbourne) w/ Techno Biddes & Orbits

Quote about ‘No Data’ from Jon from Sudden Debt,

“No data was recorded at Heap Gap in 2022. It’s the third and final 2022 single from Sudden Debt. The three singles were tracked in half a day. Less than an hour for No data. No data is necessarily simple. The simpler the track the higher the likelihood it could be preserved. The vicissitudes of life were corroding our music at the time: work, lockdowns, travel, ageing, cost, procrastination. Calendrical bass, unintelligible vocals (you can’t understand and so are not distracted by the “words”), a stripped back electronic kit that you can plug in quickly and play really loud in a really small room”.




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