Sterling Press

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Sterling Press

Having stormed onto the scene with their daring debut ‘Very Fun Times’, Sterling Press are a fresh four-piece who deliver a compelling brand of in-your-face indie with roots in Ska that also throws back to the brit-pop heyday. ‘Lots Of Noise’ is the latest offering from the group, which has been lauded by the Specials, Radio X and now, us! We had the pleasure of catching up with the band on all things music, school and golf.

Hey guys, can you introduce yourselves and what role you play in the band?

Not just instruments!

The band is made up of Marlon (bass/vocals) , Ed (guitar/vocals), Greg (guitar/vocals) and Lucien (drums). We all write the songs together so there isn’t one person that writes a song from start to finish. We all chip in along the way. It normally starts with ed and marlon in a shed together and then goes to greg who works his producer magic and makes the demos sound class before playing it as a band with lucien as well.

How did you all meet?

We all met in school. We were the kids that played music for all the school musicals and whatnot so we became friends through that stuff and eventually decided to make our own band and write our own music.

What is ‘Lot’s Of Noise’ about and can you explain what influenced the lyrics?

It’s just a story of a woman who works in a pub and dreams of something bigger. Felt like most people have been/are in a similar situation including ourselves so felt relevant to sing about.

What are your biggest highlights of your career so far?

Getting support from legends like Steve Lamacq has been fucking sick. We put so much work into each song so it’s class to see it appreciated by the top DJs. We started the band during lockdown so obviously we haven’t been able to do much but it’s still been a great few months.

Any big plans in the next few weeks and months?

Wanna gig as much as we can. Try to play throughout the summer. We have our own shows in July including a London sellout which is gonna be massive but hopefully we can get some support shows and festival slots to take us through to Winter where a headline tour may be on the horizon.

Finally, who is the best golfer? Referencing your instagram, of course:

Not gonna lie, that was the first time any of us had picked up a golf club. I’d say Greg had the most natural talent.

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