Staples Release Addictive Track ‘Unjust Jeans (And Guillotines)’ And Announce EP

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Previous Support for Staples

“Jangly, fun, nostalgic, and bloody catchy. You have such a great sound – it sounds like a band who really know who they are. Great stuff!”
(Jess Perkins, Triple J) [About ‘Optimist’]

“Love that jangle wash! Its ethereal but really dynamic and that rhythm propels this track along so well. Really enjoying this, thanks Staples!”
(Steph Hughes, Triple J) [About ‘Serotonin’]

Meanjin/Brisbane group alt-rockers Staples release their instantly addictive track ‘Unjust Jeans (And Guillotines)’ on October 21, and you can bet it’s going to stick like honey.

Since forming in 2019, the band has released an EP ‘Another Melodramatic Mess’, sold out shows around Brisbane and last year they supported the Last Dinosaurs. 

Returning to the stage in 2022 to launch their single ‘Optimist’Staples look forward to releasing their highly anticipated sophomore EP out on November 18.

The next release that we’re lucky to witness is ‘Unjust Jeans (and Guillotines)’, a song as memorable as its title.

With a feel-good, bop-ready beat and nostalgia-dipped rhythm, ‘Unjust Jeans (and Guillotines)’ is one of those tunes that will effortlessly inspire smiles and get people moving. The tune is synonymous with festival season and sunny days spent with mates outdoors, and evokes a sound that could be a mix of The Smiths, The Cure but with a unique indie-rock twist.

Though it’s a fun tune, it isn’t without substance, with lyrical gems like ‘revolution isn’t served on silver spoons’ given space to strike a chord. Speaking further about the song’s story, Staples explain:

“Blending driving post-punk basslines, glistening synths and nostalgic jangle-rock guitars, “Unjust Jeans (and Guillotines)” explores the bleak reality of worker exploitation and corporate greed under late-stage capitalism, while encouraging solidarity and hope within the hopelessness.”

That hopeful energy comes through strong on ‘Unjust Jeans’, and will no doubt earn the group even more support. So far, they’ve had consistent 4ZZZ airplay for three of their singles – ‘Talkerspace’, ‘Shoegrazze’ and ‘Optimist’, as well as drumming up reviews by presenters over at Triple J Unearthed.

Wrap your ears around this energetic indie bop ‘Unjust Jeans (and Guillotines)’ from Staples when it drops on October 21 ahead of their EP release on November 18.

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