Stand Atlantic

by the partae
Stand Atlantic


Where are you currently based?



What’s been happening recently?

Well… without sounding negative, we had a whole tour and a bunch of other things planned that all got taken away a week out from doing them because of a recent outbreak of COVID in Aus, so we’re just trying to keep writing as much as possible and do anything we can to stay busy during lockdown 2.0 haha.


Please tell us about how you first got involved with Fender Next and your experience to date:

I kid you not, we have always played fender. It’s always been our number one company we wanted to get involved with. We’ve been approached by other guitar companies and we’d decline so when we were lucky enough to have been contacted about being a part of Fender Next, it was an absolute no-brainer. 


What does being involved with Fender Next mean to you?

As I said before, we’ve always been huge advocates for Fender. They are so versatile and never fucking break no matter what you do to them. The first guitar I ever bought was a Fender Telecaster Blacktop. I saved up all my money and bought it like 10 years ago and still use it to this day with only one modification. We use it for everything from recording to live shows. It’s never failed me despite it being through the absolute ringer while touring. To be a part of Fender Next just seemed like destiny if I’m being completely honest.


Please tell us about your thoughts on the Fender Artist Playbook:

I think it’s great and I wish there was something like that from actual musicians when we were younger. The tough thing about navigating the music industry is that, although there are some key things that you need to have in order, there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule and every artist’s story is different and that’s what makes it so hard, I think. So, it’s great to have something concrete and spelled out like – ‘these are essential’. 

What’s planned for the band for the rest of 2021 and going into 2022?

This year we’re focusing on releasing new music, and 2022 will be nothing but touring. Can’t wait to be back on the road.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I find it hard these days to find stuff I really like, maybe I’m too cynical and jaded now haha. Having said that though I’ve been getting into Kid Laroi quite a bit, Phoebe Bridgers, the new Turnstile record, Teenage Joans – a young band from AUS. I’ve actually going back and listening more to the artists my dad would play for me quite a bit as well like Nirvana, Hendrixx even Janis Joplin. The classics are just where it’s at for me right now.

What do you like to do away from music?

I love art. I love creating things whether it be graphic design stuff or just fooling around in photoshop doing dumb things to keep my mind active. It’s so hard to feel inspired at the moment but I’m trying to stop that muscle from dying haha.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

My favourite food will always be chocolate I don’t care how basic that is. It was my first love. But I really love ramen, Indian food, Thai… ill find most things delicious… favourite place to hangout is a great bar with my mates BUT since we’ve been unable to tour for so long I would literally settle for a shitty greenroom in the middle of no-where at this point haha.

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