South London’s Margot debut with strikingly accomplished dream-pop single ‘Desensitised’

by the partae

South London’s Margot emerge with strikingly accomplished debut single Desensitised, a dream-pop lament to the repetitious nature of modern capital-city life.

From the opening guitar chimes onwards the touchstones to dream-pop artists old and new are apparent, yet there’s a unique thread running throughout, generated by the collective way the quintet create not only their music, but art and visuals as well.

Throwing their concrete surroundings into the hazy sounds, Margot bring routine realism to life: “Desensitised is about the commute to office blocks, and how its oppressive nature, from the geography to the lonely crowds, can infiltrate, misdirect and dowse appetite and ambition” explains vocalist Alex Hannaway “Writing the song was cathartic, an act of strength and perseverance, a determination not to become desensitised.”

Making a decision to be completely self-sufficient through the creative process, Margot record over long weekends at drummer Ben Andrewes’ place, in between working weeks. This DIY approach and the autobiographical realism are reflected in the subject matter of the songs.

Hannaway and Andrewes are joined by Albi Cleghorn (guitar), Rob Fenner (Guitar) and Michael Webb (bass).

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