Soulful Songwriter Dani Teveluwe Explores Courage And Compassion With Debut EP, ‘Into The Deep’

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Previous Support For Dani Teveluwe

Played on Blak Out and the Breakfast Show on Triple J

‘Double Shot’ Video Premiered on The Music

Featured on Spotify’s Aus & NZ official Instagram story (104k followers) to promote ‘Movin’ On’

All singles featured on Spotify’s ‘Original Storytellers’ playlist

“Upbeat, folky country-pop vibes that dazzle with a shimmery acoustic pop rhythm”
(Scenestr) [About ‘Sweet Summer Nights’]

“Dani’s voice soars like a bird in flight, taking you on an emotional journey that’s as empowering as it is captivating.”
Grammy-nominated Artist Sally Seltman

“Dani takes that message and surrounds it with love-filled music and an angelic voice that means what it says and does what it means. A gorgeous melody with subtle feeling lets that message sink in and stay there. Compassion now has a theme song.”
(Jammerzine) [About ‘Double Shot’]

“Once again Dani’s sweeping you up with her storytelling and gentle melodies.”
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Double Shot’]

“Dani has a dynamic voice, with depth and soul often likened to Amy Winehouse, complemented by a delicate softness of Norah Jones. Her music is optimistic, fluid and soulful, this chick is definitely one to watch.”
(Good Call Live)

Gold Coast (Yugambeh Country) based First Nations musician Dani Teveluwe (pronounced ‘tee-va-loo’) is set to captivate with her spirited and soulful take on acoustic-pop with her debut EP, ‘Into The Deep’, out September 2. 

Formerly a primary school teacher, the singer-songwriter broke down the walls of her comfort zone and took a courageous leap into music. It seemed impossible at first, but with inspiration from a David Bowie quote, she summoned the determination to make her dream a reality. Dani explains:

“This EP is a culmination of a lot of courage. Not so long ago I lived another life and I never would have believed this (releasing ‘Into The Deep’) would be possible. And it wouldn’t have been, without courage.”

Recorded at Big Note Studios, produced by Tim Goodburn, and mastered by Paul Blakey, this body of work celebrates bravery, and is also an exploration of love in all its forms – romantic, compassionate, and love for the self. Dani’s music weaves this common thread throughout, with each song showcasing a different story, and musical mood to suit. Fittingly, the EP artwork was painted by award-winning visual artists, Tamara Armstrong (known for her Women of Colour collection), inspired by the EP’s theme and the words of David Bowie.

First, we’re taken on a gentle acoustic-led journey with the opening track, ‘Double Shot’. A tale of compassion for someone who can’t see that their behaviour is hurtful to those around them. Carefully sorrowful trumpet notes emphasise the delicate nature of this situation. Overall, it’s smooth and emotively delivered.

Elevating the mood is the second song, ‘Waiting Wasting Time’. With a sauntering melody and soulful afternoon haze, it’s an encouraging mantra about seizing the moment, and doing the things that terrify you. The final bridge is embellished with lovely layered vocals that are sure to inspire goosebumps.

All of the ingredients of a nostalgically-90s love ballad, with a dash of motown combine to create ‘Hypnotise’. A vulnerable moment to recognise the magnetism felt towards someone you’re falling for, this song takes on a jazzy feel with delicately tantalising synths and melody that allow Dani’s vocal prowess to take centre stage.

Next, the artist encourages listeners to embrace summer romance with a feel-good beat and shiny layer of electro-pop shimmer, dreamy ‘ooh’s’ and the infusion of the sah u – a coconut Thai violin (played by Peranya Visitchantaragoon). ‘Sweet Summer Nights’ carries its intent from lyrics through to instrumentation, transporting listeners to a balmy night, dancing under a moonlit sky, embracing sun-soaked skin and welcoming the delight of a romantic encounter.

Seductive Arctic Monkeys-inspired bass pairs with a strong message for the fifth track on the EP. ‘Are We Gonna Wake Up?’ sees Dani reaching deeper with her message, and vocal range has a slight Americana sound for what is perhaps the most compelling song on ‘Into The Deep’. This thought-provoking tune came to fruition in a co-writing session with AIR award-winning and ARIA nominated artist Emily Wurramurra and Matt Collins (WHARVES), organised by NATSIMO and APRA AMCOS. It’s a stirring response to potent feelings of anger and frustration, but also disappointment in humanity following recent world events.

The final track, ‘You’re Love’ was written when Dani was teaching and would see the effects on her students first-hand. Closing out the EP with the signature optimism that Dani is known for, this song is an uplifting dedication of love to children who have been dealt a rough card, or have a difficult home or family environment, but speaks to everyone and aims to spread self-love and joy.

Boasting airplay on 4ZZZ locally, and being named a local artist to watch by Tone Deaf, Dani Teveluwe is also receiving spins internationally in the US, UK, Namibia, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Romania and Canada, and the release of ‘Into The Deep’ will undoubtedly grow her fanbase even more.

Let yourself get whisked away with Dani Teveluwe’s debut EP ‘Into The Deep’, to be released on September 2.

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