Sophie Castriota Releases ‘NOT MY VIBE’

by the partae
Sophie Castriota ‘NOT MY VIBE’ Single Release

After a successful first release of “Tongue tied” with her latest producer Brandon Jonak just last month – Sophie Castriota is once again hitting the scene with a new follow up song “Not my Vibe” which was released on the 20th of May and is just as catchy, dynamic and unique.

The two have mastered their own sound which sits somewhere between R&B/Hip Hop but is distinctly recognisable.

Sophie also artfully creates the videos that are released with her music and “Not My Vibe” shows a graceful and content young woman safely keeping herself from a non-descript unsuitable male in pursuance of her.

The theme of the song being about having the strength to walk away from toxic or potential toxic relationships.

Watch out for these two rising stars with more of their songs to be released in the coming months!

‘Not My Vibe’ can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc…

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