SOMA delivers rich, heated new future-soul single ‘ALIEN’

by the partae

Photo by: Ran Fields

Weaving strong and soulful vocals  that capture a seductive future-soul energy, Sydney artist SOMA presents her new single: ‘ALIEN’.

Emerging as a unique new voice in Australian music, SOMA is immediately engaging on record – her voice hypnotises as the smooth production of the track makes the listening experience one that is nothing less than immersive.

‘ALIEN’  embodies rebirth; SOMA sheds her skin to seek her emancipation. She’s on a journey of empowerment as she seduces and kidnaps a version of her alter ego that she no longer claims as herself.

This is a personal journey of healing. For SOMA, the project has been an outlet to connect on a deeper level to the inner self, a way for her to navigate her own way through hardships and reflect on these periods as regenerative. ‘ALIEN’, was created  with producer Tom Elliott (Korky Buchek) and recorded at Sydney’s Bodega Studios.

“‘ALIEN’ weaves a story about the pressures of life in the city and how we survive it. It is about the darkness that pulls you in, the devil on your shoulder luring you into the abyss and how easy it is to forget who you are and why you’re here. It is a personal story of altering my consciousness and numbing the pain and traumas that need to be healed.”

“This darkness is juxtaposed with fantasy and escapism. Using the metaphor of dreams, the song notes that we create fantasy to escape reality. ‘ALIEN’ transforms the metaphor into the positive notion that dreams are our realities in waiting, ‘in dreams we plant seeds for our future.’”

For the ‘ALIEN’ music video, SOMA worked with director Freddie XX and a creative team to bring the narrative to life on screen. Filming at a number of Sydney locations, the project captures the core of the song’s story; feelings of being overwhelmed by the city you very much love – and eventually coming out the other side inspired and able to breathe once more.

“Freddie and I met in 2020, we instantly connected and began to talk about all things creative. We both had a deep appreciation for the arts and each other’s work. We began to chat about a collaboration, he listened to ‘ALIEN’ and we both had the idea of making a video for the song. In the months to come, we manifested a creative team who came together and helped bring our dream to life.”  

‘ALIEN’ is out now.
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