SLEAFORD MODS Share new single & video ‘Shortcummings’ New album Spare Ribs out January 15, 2021

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SLEAFORD MODS Share new single & video 'Shortcummings' New album Spare Ribs out January 15, 2021
Photo credit: Alasdair McLellan

Following ‘Mork n Mindy’ their latest single featuring Billy Nomates, Nottingham-based duo Sleaford Mods today release their politically-charged, no holds barred single ‘Shortcummings’ with a premiere from Matt Wilkinson on Apple 1 Music.  The song is taken from the upcoming album Spare Ribs out via Rough Trade / Remote Control Records on January 15th 2021.

The band’s Jason Williamson says “I wrote the lyrics to Shortcummings in late 2019 after becoming annoyed by Dominic Cummings increased unelected presence. The arrogance of the privileged generally leads to short, short short, short, short cummings in a momentary centre stage at the cost of untold human misery and exploitation of public money. In the case of Cummings who exactly knows what he lost when he walked out of No10’s front door. It looked staged or given what I suspect is his sense of intellectual superiority, perhaps one last show of bizarre defiance. But there is no defiance when you come from privileged stock, just pistols at dawn. Posh hamsters going at each other. It’s just so fucking tiresome, as we lumpily coexist, us and the elite. The fortress of control is too strong and indeed there is no denying now, that there is powerlessness in the idea of revolt in this modern day daylight robbery.” 

The polemical Williamson and dexterous producer Andrew Fearn kick against the pricks with unrivalled bite, railing against hypocrisy, inequality and apathy with their inimitable, scabrous sense of humour.  And Spare Ribs, their astonishing sixth album, featuring Amy Taylor of Melbourne punks Amyl and the Sniffers and the British newcomer Billy Nomates, finds the duo charged with ire at the UK Government’s sense of entitlement, epitomised by its devil-may-care approach to the coronavirus crisis.

Recorded in lockdown in a furious three-week studio blitz at JT Soar in July, Spare Ribs is the sound of a band so sure of their own sonic terrain that they can now explore its outer regions. The album’s title, Jason says, emerged from “the idea of the amount of people that died from the first wave of coronavirus; human lives are always expendable to the elites… We’re in a constant state of being spare ribs.” Yet Sleaford Mods are an essential part of Britain’s musical anatomy.  

Spare Ribs follows Sleaford Mods’ career-spanning retrospective album All That Glue and their sold-out debut Australian tour in March, which included standout performances at Golden Plains FestivalWOMADadelaideFarmer & The Owl and more.

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Sleaford Mods – Spare Ribs

1. The New Brick
2. Shortcummings
3. Nudge It (Features Amy Taylor Amyl and the Sniffers)
4. Elocution
5. Out There
6. Glimpses
7. Top Room
8. Mork n Mindy (Features Billy Nomates)
9. Spare Ribs
10. All Day Ticket
11. Thick Ear
12. I Don’t Rate You13. Fishcakes

Sleaford Mods – Spare Ribs is out January 15, 2021
via Rough Trade / Remote Control

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