Skyuka Interview

by the partae

Where are you currently based? 

I’m currently based in Boorloo/Perth.

How did you first start in music? 

I grew up in an Italian family, my Nonno had an amazing operatic voice, my Nonna loved singing and my  Dad used to sing and play in a band when he was young. I remember he would often have band practice at  the house and I’d listen (to the singers) wanting to front the band just like them. So from then on I was THAT  kid. The one who would be in all the talent competitions and all the musicals. It wasn’t until I was much  older and had more life experience that song writing really became my number one.

Your latest single ‘Michael Cera’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

When I wrote ‘Michael Cera’ I was listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend and just really enjoying the  playfulness of their earlier albums and how percussive their music was…so that definitely influenced the  sound. It felt refreshing to write something fun that people could clap and sing along to and have a laugh at,  but still had a lot of heart. Also my brother is heavily influenced by 90s grunge and he did all the guitar work  on the track so he brought the 90s fuzz/garage vibes which was a perfect fit.

How did you go about writing this track? 

The idea came about when I was dating a guy who smiled like Michael Cera. As soon as I realised this I just  HAD to tell him straight away, so that’s where the chorus ‘you smile like Michael Cera’ came from. It was  actually the first part I wrote (I was driving at the time) and I couldn’t wait to get home to write the rest! I felt  I had so much to say about this person and our situation so the lyrics just poured out of me. The thing I find  most amusing though, is when I told him that he smiled like Michael Cera he absolutely hated it, and then I  went and wrote a whole song about it, with a music video and all.

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?

After I wrote the song I shared it with my brother (Token Friend) and then he came back with a draft version  of the production for the track (drums, bass and guitar) in logic which I absolutely loved and then I recorded  my vocals from home, added some extra touches and lots of live claps and BVs. Our drummer (Jasper) then  recorded live drums at ‘Debaser Studio’ and Andy Lawson mixed and mastered the song, as well as adding  some of his magic to the production.

What does this single mean to you? 

‘Michael Cera’ was the song that marked the beginning of a new sound for me, and it felt pretty special as  my brother did most of the production. We have always really bonded over our love of music, but it’s only  been the past couple of years that we’ve decided to make it more collaborative and it’s been the best move  for both of us. There’s something about making music with a sibling, there’s a depth of understanding and  feel which I swear is only in the blood, and it’s beautiful to be able to share the joy and the wins with each  other.

Who are you listening to at the moment? 

‘What are rockstars doing today’ by Magic Dirt, it is such an underrated album.

What’s planned for the remainder of 2023? 

After this single I’m presenting an installation at ‘Strange Exhibition’ in Perth, my piece will be called ‘The  Michael Cera Experience’ and it will be an audio/visual experience that will be oh so very strange and  humorous. Very grateful to have been selected. After that I will be releasing 2 more singles, with the EP  coming out later this year, playing some more shows, and hopefully acting opposite Michael Cera (haha I  wish).

Favourite food and place to hangout? 

I am pasta obsessed. I also love chocolate and make myself a hot chocolate (or 2) every single day.  Somehow I never get sick of it.

My fave place to hang out…well believe it or not, I’m a total homebody, but if I have to choose somewhere  else other than home it would have to be the beach or a walk in nature, and really anywhere with a dog. I  find nature super calming and great for my creativity.

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