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Vulnerable, confronting and deeply honest – as if releasing her most exposing diary entries to the  world – Sidney’s latest single ‘Imposter’ sheds light on the singer’s not always pretty mental health  journey, showing listeners the close-to-home story beneath the surface. A mental health advocate in  her own right, Sidney released this deeply personal anthem in hopes that “listeners will feel seen in  their most dark, insecure thoughts but also encouraged to not let them consume you fully and have  the final say.” 

“[Imposter] has felt breathtaking and special from the very first day we created it and has remained  that way for Ben and I since day one.” Sidney speaks on working with producer Ben Oldland and  each intricate production choice, “The extended version I wanted to include on the EP because for  me [the extra final minute] is the best part; anxiety sometimes takes over my entire body and at  times I have to put my head underwater in the bath or sit on the floor of my shower for an hour just  to drown them out. That last minute of the song is not meant to be comfortable to listen to, it is made  to be an honest representation of the days when mental illness is all-consuming. Like the song says  “it’s not pretty”.


Delivering bittersweet melodies threaded through vulnerable lyricism and comforting vocals, Sidney  has forged a unique brand of introspective indie-pop that feels soft and homely like your favourite  linen. Launching the EP’s first single ‘Tried’ in August, saw Sidney find her community in a jam  packed Retreat Hotel for a stripped back single launch, and scoring spots in the likes of Spotify’s  Pop n Fresh, Fresh Finds: Pop, The Local List and New Music Fridays AU/NZ Playlists. Followed  by releasing pop anthem ‘Nice Guy’ and embarking on her first national tour supporting Harrison  Storm, Sidney has been unstoppably working towards the height of this EP’s release, its title track  ‘Imposter’ to tie together the year. 

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