Settle Down, Love ft.The Dunwells

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Settle Down, Love ft.The Dunwells

Indie Pop rock band The Dunwells collaborate with New Soul singer-songriter  Théa Marie to create an Adèle-esque story about self-love and courage.

‘Settle Down, Love’ is an internal conversation between Théa Marie and her mind that tells her she’s not advancing, that she’ll never accomplish her dreams. By telling that nagging voice to ‘Settle Down’, the singer is reassuring herself that self-doubt and anxiety in fact are necessary and can only make her stronger.

This intimate song starts off with Pop Soul piano chords and Théa Marie’s close-up vocals. We are drawn in from the beginning as the she confides that ‘Something’s wrong, my mind’s telling me’…. As the song progresses, the singer’s solitary voice is joined by rich instrumentals and vocal layers surging up with gospel intensity. By the end, this song is an anthem to courage and determination.

Have you ever felt discouraged or doubted yourself? If so, ‘Settle Down, Love’ is a ‘must hear’. Théa Marie and The Dunwells have composed an inspirational Indie Pop gem that will  help you remember that every step you take will bring you to a higher place.


Théa, Julianna and Peter all came from different backgrounds with similar childhoods. Their love for soul and rock music undeniably led them to London in 2017. When they met in the same music school, they struck up a sudden friendship from which they created THÉA MARIE.

The band have self named their genre as ‘Modern Soul Rock’ due to Théa’s soulful songwriting and Julianna and Peter’s soul rock instrumentation. Their music is influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, The Cardigans and Selah Sue.

Having played acoustic and full band sets in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, they have just released their soulful nostalgic debut album THEN, recorded and mixed in London.

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