SET THE RECORD soars above adversity to release debut album ‘TIME TO BREATHE’.

Focus track ‘GIVE ME A SECOND’, a desperate scream of a lost relationship.

by the partae

Having faced a multitude of heartbreak & hardship in the time between releases, Brisbane pop-punk stalwarts Set The Record are back with a record that soars above all setbacks, seeing the quintet reach creative heights far greater than the sum of their parts. Produced by Troy Brady (The Amity Affliction, The Brave, Stateside), debut album ‘Time To Breathe’ is a hook-laden, & polished release that proves their place as a band that continues to strive for absolute success. Set The Record refuse to allow a single song omission from their recipe for catchy choruses, boppin’ rhythms and melodies that singer Angus Hiern delivers with pleasing, satisfying saccharine.

With ‘Time To Breathe’ out today, the band are also highlighting focus track ‘Give Me A Second’ to continue shedding light on the lyrical journey traversed throughout the record & shared across previous singles ‘Answer My Call’ & ‘Flashback’. The track builds with driven guitars and peaks Bec McCall’s desperate scream to be let back into the life of a partner he had fallen out with. ‘Give Me A Second’ is an anthemic pop-rock tune for anyone who has desired a second chance; a moment to right previous wrongs & misgivings, working to become a better person for those they love.

“‘Time To Breathe’ signifies a watershed moment for us, stepping out from the shadow of our youth to embrace a deeper, more honest side of ourselves. This release has been very considered… and it is very personal. Each of us have songs on there, or parts of songs that are real life. Whether that be heartbreak, falling in love… or looking at where you’ve come from or where you might be in your lives – it’s a release for all of us. We’ve put all of that into our music, so from that standpoint, it has more maturity and meaning to us as a band.” Bec McCall, Set The Record

“We played around a lot with our sound on this one. The track is about being shut out by an ex-partner, and the desperation to be close again, and it was important to us that the urgency and emotion builds throughout the track. We even got Bec on the mic screaming in the background on the bridge of this one. It’s got a lot of light and shade, and I think it’s a good representation of our more mature sound.” Ian Collins, Set The Record

Working with acclaimed producer Troy Brady in Buderim, QLD, the band were able to feel at home immediately, recording in their own state and close to all family & friends. This support allowed them to focus intently on the task at hand; creating a debut record that would encapsulate the Set The Record sound they’ve been intently shaping over the past 10 years. Bursting onto the scene with punchy performances and catchy, pop-punk infused tracks, the group found traction with their second EP ‘Above The World’ which trended at #1 on Twitter and led to radio play across the country. Future opportunities to share stages across Australia with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Maine, Relient K, & As It Is followed.

“We recorded it at the end of 2019, start of 2020 working with Troy Brady (ex Amity Affliction). Working with him enabled us to honor our pop-punk roots, but expand our sound into a more modern space, and I think we landed somewhere really awesome. This is the most excited I’ve been about one of our releases.” Bec McCall, Set The Record


With a new record in their back pocket & a fanbase envirograted by the continued growth of the band, Set The Record are eager & poised to strike Australia with raucous, sincere and catchy new music & performances, breathing a fresh onslaught of noise back into the live music scene.


“Really enjoying this slice of soaring emo. Hits hard and flies high. Thanks folks!”

Steph Hughes, triple j Unearthed

“Youthful, syrupy-sweet vocals demonstrate the boys’ impressive vocal range (an octave higher, of course) in well-orchestrated harmonies, cheerfully offering teeny-bopper songs, which the band puts forth in an undeniably catchy, hooky manner.”

The Music

“This five-track EP is cleverly crafted to have an early 2000s band tinge to it… a testament to the band’s ability to create catchy and thought-triggering pop punk”

Kill Your Stereo 

‘Time To Breathe’ & ‘Give Me A Second’ is out Thursday, March 17th

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