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Where are you currently based?

I live in London now. I grew up in India and moved here at the age of 18. 

How did you first start playing music?

I’ve been singing ever since I was a little girl. Being able to write music and sing is a way I can express myself. I can create a whole other world in my head to escape to – which was very handy in lockdown?

Your new single ‘Parallel’ which follows your previous single ‘Tastes Like Anarchy’. What influenced the sound?

‘Parallel’ has a really abstract vibe. It means something slightly different every time I listen to it- the good and bad side in a person living in parallel, always aware of each other but never meeting. Or two soulmates who were meant to be but who never quite got together. 

The idea for the video is likewise very surreal. I worked with Stevie Coales who is an amazing director to come up with the concept and we filmed the whole thing in his flat (though you’d never know it!). The idea behind the video was to paint a picture of all the different sides to a person that live in harmony- it’s really quirky and fun- we used different lights, colours, textures etc to create completely different “worlds”. The song and video are really intended to spark the imagination and I hope people love it!

What does this track mean to you?

My mother is an artist and does a lot of abstract paintings. She uses beautiful vibrant colours and I love immersing myself in what she paints. I can stare at her work and disappear into it.

For me, my song ‘Parallel’ evokes images and shapes and colours in the same way that my mother’s art does. It transports me to a parallel world!

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?

The track was recorded a while back in London. It was produced by One Bit (Stormzy, JP Cooper) and Haj (Sigma, Becky Hill).

You run London-based foundation ‘Discover2Dream’ which is aimed at connecting students with female role models in a variety of sectors, how did Discover2Dream come about and how has the experience been so far?

I’ve always loved speaking and engaging with school kids. I think it’s so important that as a youngster you’re exposed to people from different careers and backgrounds- it helps inspire you and I think increases aspirations. My sister and I set up Discover2Dream because we wanted to make sure that kids from ethnic minority backgrounds have access to female role models from different careers and sectors.

I have to also say that being able to perform my music for students is just amazing- they are always so honest and when they like a track you know it’s good!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I have Becky Hill on replay at the moment – I think she has such a fierce voice.

What do you like to do away from music?

This is going to sound weird but I love to play pranks on my friends!

What else is planned for 2021?

I want to be as creative as possible and build on what I managed to do last year. My last track ‘Tastes Like Anarchy’ had been recorded a while back and we were due to release it just as the pandemic hit. The initial idea for the video just wasn’t going to work and we had to adapt quickly- we decided to release a Zoom-inspired music video, featuring female dancers from a number of countries.

We never thought we’d get the reception we did but everyone loved the idea and the fact that we had managed to draw inspiration in a very difficult time. The video actually ended up winning the NeXtup Global Indie Music Competition (judged by Zhavia and Mally Mall) – which was just amazing.

I want to continue drawing inspiration for the simple things in life and unlikely sources to create something positive and beautiful.

I have a load of more great music in the pipeline! Next up will be a track with Tom Ferry who is an amazing Dance DJ. So definitely watch this space?

Favourite food and place to hangout?

I love food, especially Indian food. 

I’ve spent most of this year hanging out in my flat. My favourite room at the moment is my living room – I’ve had to refashion it a bit. I’ve installed a cool light system which completely transforms what is a boring room by day into a different world at night!

Segiri ‘Parallel’ is out now. Buy / Stream at A Tom Ferry remix of ‘Parallel’ will be released on 4 June. 

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