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Hey Saytek, thank-you for joining us. Firstly, before we start, how has your summer been?
Its been truly amazing for live shows!  I have performed in Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Trogir, New Delhi, Mumbai, Frankfurt, Oslo, Zürich , Hasting,  Kassel, Manchester, Wismar, Prague, Monchengladbach, Magdeburg and more! Just planning Autumn and winter now!

All of the tracks in this EP are live recordings from Summer Love Festival. Could you tell us a little bit more about this?
All the music I release is chopped directly out my live sets, whilst a lot of artists make tracks then work out how to perform them live I work the other way round with all the music I create being made for the live show! I release a lot of stuff that is recorded at gigs as well! I did a live on tour series on my label Cubism so it made perfect sense to record the tracks I recorded in the Superfreq tent at Summer love on the Superfreq label.

You released an album on Carl Cox’s ‘Awesome Soundwave’ label at the end of last year. Do you have any plans for another album?
Yes that was actually my second album on the label! The have released over 25 of my tracks so far. We have already spoken about a possible third album coming in the next year or so.

Who was your favourite DJ growing up?
I loved Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin when he was doing Deck FX 909

Are there any current artists that inspire you?
There are loads I regularly listen to Drumcomplex’s radio show its always great techno on there. But also a lot of DJs I hear out and about when touring hearing them do their thing in a club is always a great source of inspiration.

Outside of electronic music, what other types of music do you listen to?
I love a lot of music from 80’s synth pop to dub to 60’s 70’s rock music 80s & 90’s hiphop, classical and Jazz. I am a massive music lover!

What equipment did you use to record this E.P?
My set up is as follows:Novation Peak, Roland MC707, Pioneer V10, Novation Impusle 25 Korg Kaos, Pad Korg Volca Kick , Macbook Pro, Ableton, Focusrite audio interface REM Midi Clock, Pioneer RMX1000

For me its the perfect combo of a great groove box, a very powerful synth, Ableton & Controller and DJ style FX. It means my set is very hands on but there is no scrolling through menus everything is done by touch. It gives me ultimate control and allows me to improvise, but also arrange everything in real time.

What is your favourite bit of gear when you are writing tracks?
Everything is equally as important as everything else it all works together to make one instrument!
Do you have plans to do any more releases this year?
Yeah a few on the Horizon with singles on R&S and Awesome Soundwave and a 5 Track Vinyl EP on a new label from Warsaw called Acid Works.

Last Question! Have you got any gigs planned that you would like to tell us about? I have quite a few but can’t wait to return to Fabrik Madrid for Carl Cox invites on the 1st of October! Its gonna be rocking 🙂


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