Sarah Jane releases ‘MOTH’ EP

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Sarah Jane releases 'MOTH' EP

Sarah Jane is a prolific Alt-Rock, Indie singer, songwriter from Sydney, Australia who has amassed a huge online following. The singles for the videos ‘Lately’ and ‘Apparently’ from the upcoming ‘Moth’ EP are close to hitting 50,000 video views between them.

With over 295,000 subscribers and over 30 million views on YouTube it would be accurate to call the young musician a viral sensation. The six-track ‘Moth’ EP arrives on vinyl and streaming today Friday May 28th.


Sarah Jane Moth Tracklist

1. Finger
2. Lately
3. Kiss Cross
4. I Complain Too Much
5. Nothing You Can Do
6. Apparently

Store link (HERE (VINYL+ SHIRTS)

Moth EP Launch Friday 4th June 2021, Three Wise Monkeys, Sydney, NSW

Sarah Jane Quote

The idea of ‘moth’ is seeing the beauty in things that aren’t usually seen as such. I found with my experiences in life, my music is what comes from negative experiences. I’m also fascinated by how music can distract from the meaning of songs. You know that song you’ve been singing to for years and you have no idea what it means…just because the music makes you feel something.

I want to bring some positivity from the pain I’ve experienced and hopefully it will give someone something to relate to, or just to vibe with, either is fine!”

The new EP follows two solo albums “Absence’, an acoustic album released in 2019, and the album ‘Tainted Timeline” released late in 2020. Sarah Jane has released two full-length records with her band ‘The Violet Stones’ over the same period.


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