Sarah Burton ‘I Hate Goodbyes’ Premiere

by the partae
I Hate Goodbyes is a love song, written after the decision to embark in a long-distance relationship with another touring musician. The song was written in the hopeful space of falling in love and feeling like the world will conspire to help you. The subsequent album explores the challenges that come with long-distance love.  Recorded in Sudbury Ontario at Lala Pop Shop amidst the Canadian winter lockdown, the distance was made so much more, well – distant – due to the circumstances of the world, which in fact seemed to conspire against this love.

Recorded and produced by power-pop-rocker Dany Laj, the track (and subsequent album) feature the melodic basslines of fellow Dany Laj and the Looks co-conspirateur, Jeannette Dowling and drums and percussion from Dusty Campbell. Burton’s writing style on this album ranges from classic 90s pop-rock to a more current indie rock, with a little throw-back to the 60s, laced with a touch of the bizarre. With influences that range from Rilo Kiley and Weezer, to Harry Nilsson and a touch of Concrete Blonde, 64 Magic Queen’s is an unfiltered trip through a brain that is hopeful even in the darkest hours.  Laj’s melodic guitar lines complement the songs with grace, walking the line between glossy and gritty, much like Burton’s vocal stylings.



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