Sam Feldt keeps party going with his Sunday Sessions Dutch DJ decided to stay in contact with his fans by playing an exclusive set every Sunday

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Sam Feldt keeps party going with his Sunday Sessions Dutch DJ decided to stay in contact with his fans by playing an exclusive set every Sunday
Sam Feldt has been providing a great service to his fans during these socially-distanced times thanks to his weekly Sunday Sessions live stream. These spontaneous DJ streams are broadcast simultaneously on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and see the Dutch DJ explore a different style to his IRL DJ sets.

I started hosting the Sunday Sessions as a creative outlet for myself” he explains. “Because I can’t play real live shows right now, I miss the art of mixing and experimenting behind the decks a lot. None of these sets are pre-planned and they rarely contain my own music, forcing me to be extra creative and constantly be on the lookout for the perfect next tune to play.” They are of a fluid length, from 30 minutes up to several hours, depending on his mood, and feature trippy visuals on a green screen behind Sam. He’s also building some professional decor for future streams.

His Sunday Sessions focus on melodic house and techno, with forays into the more hypnotic end of those sounds. This is the music I love vibing out to on Sundays myself and doing these weekly streams gives me the ideal opportunity to share my personal favorites with the world. While they are nothing like the real live DJing experience, it offers me a way to connect with my fans virtually while breaking through genres and going out of my comfort zone playing records I don’t usually get to play.” 

Sam has also been playing his own music during live streams at remarkable locations — including SLAM!’s broadcast from the top of the Euromast in Rotterdam, and for Spinnin’ Sessions (live and direct from his own kitchen!). 

Tune in every Sunday afternoon on Sam’s channels.

About Sam Feldt
DJ, producer, entrepreneur and sustainability pioneer Sam Feldt has established himself as one of the most sought after electronic artists of recent times. Building his career around distinctly feel-good sound, Sam already has a double album and a multitude of top-selling releases under his belt. In 2020 he decided to take his career and his commitment to a more sustainable future one step further by launching his very own label: Heartfeldt Records. Sam’s quest to create a more social and sustainable dance music industry lead Heartfeldt Records to be the first record label with sustainability at the core of its mission. Very active with his Heartfeldt Foundation, Sam works hard at promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. This mission is a common thread across the Heartfeldt business chain: Heartfeldt RadioHeartfeldt Events, and now Heartfeldt Records.


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