Saba announces Few Good Thing: The Short Film, a global digital event streaming on Jan 31 + Feb 1

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Photo by C.T. Robert

“His most affecting tracks celebrate nuance; they often manage to be joyful and tragic,
triumphant and anxiety-inducing, all at once”

Rolling Stone

“Through Saba’s inner turmoil, he finds his most powerful and diaristic” storytelling.”

“Sell-out shows have been a long time coming for the rapper,
who’s been a streaming success with Australian listeners”


“In mining such intensely personal subject matter Saba has found that
the more honest he is with his own life and experiences, the more people connect”

FBi Radio

“A beautiful project with so much replay value it’s astounding”
The AU Review

“Tremendously gifted”

“Lush and funky”

“Honesty and humility knows no bounds”
Best Before

On Monday January 31 and Tuesday February 1, the critically acclaimed Chicago rapper-producer Saba will present Few Good Things: The Short Film in support of his highly anticipated Few Good Things album due for release on February 4th. The premiere worldwide screening event will take place via the premium social live media platform Moment House and will be followed by a conversation with Saba and film director C.T. Robert moderated by veteran multi-media journalist Brandon “Jinx” JenkinsWATCH THE TRAILER HERE + BUY TICKETS HERE

Saba’s moment will take place on Monday, January 31st and Tuesday, February 1st on Moment House and will be broadcast to various regions around the world including North and South America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, and the UK, Europe and Africa.

“The concept of ‘Few Good Things’ is the realisation of self after a search for exterior fulfilment,” shares Saba ahead of the premiere eventIt is the satisfaction and completeness you gain by simply living a life that is yours. Few is a small number, but few is not lonely. In the face of all adversity, a few good things is recognising and accepting blessings. Few is to count them, one by one – an empty glass is full of air, an empty bank is full of lessons., and an empty heart is full of memories. Few good things is to grow comfortable with the empty, and despite that, finding your fullness.”

Film director C.T. Robert adds, “As a storyteller, I’ve always been drawn to stories that attempt to identify what makes us who we are. The ones that ask questions like: ‘What does having everything you need really look like?’ ‘Is it sitting at a dinner table with your loved ones?’ ‘Is it waking up next to the woman you love?’ ‘Is it having cherished memories for all of those you care for, those still in the physical and those who passed on?’”

Robert continues, “It’s hard to pinpoint the exact answers to all these but we know that it’s nothing that can be achieved from monetary fulfilment or anything materialistic. It’s a weight that can only be carried with you through years of experiences and memories made from putting the time in with those around you. No amount of money could ever replace that. In this film we want to refocus the conversation surrounding these ideas and help shed light on what’s really important in the grand scheme of it all.”

31 Jan – 6pm ET / North + South America (East)
31 Jan – 6pm PT / North + South America (West)
1 Feb – 6pm JST / Asia + Australia + New Zealand
1 Feb – 6pm GMT / Europe + UK + Africa

Saba’s Few Good Things album — the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2018 album CARE FOR ME – was recently highlighted in The New York Times winter preview stating, “The beats are still buttery, jazzy and meticulously arranged. But this time around, there is more wisdom — a recognition that living through trauma means finding gratitude and affirmation in the moments you can.”

by Saba
4 February 2022

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