Romeo Walker’s Top 5 Favourite Rap Tracks

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With introductory singles ‘Mood’ & ‘Transformer’ inaugurating Romeo Walker as a prolific, experimental musical figurehead, Benjamin Witt (The Chemist, collaborator with Pond, Empire of The Sun & Meg Mac) has forged onward under the Walker moniker, delivering a smooth, Cuban-rock-fusion titled ‘Ketchup’, in preparation for his debut album ‘The Shape Up’. A continued evolution of sound & spirit for Romeo Walker, ‘Ketchup’ functions as a notable showcase of the additional layers within his creative palate.

Radiating warmth and vibrance from sultry guitar lines, paired with Cuban-inspired percussive elements grooving underneath,  ‘Ketchup’ is luscious & oscillating. Inspired by rap and beat poetry, Romeo Walker spits surrealistic jive talk about foredoomed characters, who are compromised by their self-indulgence and oblivion.

The following is his 5 Favourite Rap Tracks.

. Romeo Walker’s favourite rap tracks 

Nas – NY State of Mind 

I know this is kind of like saying “The White Album” is an awesome rock record, but the flow & vivid description of Nas’ NYC is too good, I have to include the masterwork. 

GZA- 4th Chamber 

Beat is hard as hell. Who’s got the hardest verse here? Very hard to say but RZA’s flow is wild. 

Pusha T, Kendrick Lamar – Nosetalgia 

Kanye’s beat is super slick, try and keep your head still. Pusha’s verse is rad and Kendrick’s verse is some serious next level rad.  

Mos Def – Mathematics 

What are we talking about here? The mighty Mos Def taking this simple mathematics concept, going in on it and flexing some elite skill whilst addressing American social issues.   

RATKING – So Sick Stories 

The atmospherics and frenetic yet laid back beat is a zone I dig. King Krule on the hook. Wiki’s voice and pocket is wild. I love the outro.

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