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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?
I’m currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Where the music scene has been up and down for the past couple of years,
but currently in the genre of underground rap, the scene in Brisbane has consistently been growing, always incredibly friendly and supportive of one another.
How did you first start playing music?
I dropped out of a prestigious school and transferred to a music one, this allowed me to gain a rough knowledge of the music industry
and make connections with other people who were into the same type of things as me. I first started playing music when I was in high school,
I bought an expensive microphone I didn’t know how to use and started making vocal covers of my favorite songs.
this lead into me starting a band of my own and doing my best at performing and songwriting.
What’s been happening recently?
Honestly, not a lot. I’ve just been preparing for my album release on the 21st of Feb and helping out other local artists record, mix and master. and
getting ready for two gigs I have coming up. The first is on the 7th of Feb where I will be supporting the artist Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
with my friends sfweeb, xenochrist and 33scrap. The other on the 23rd of Feb for the release of my upcoming album Ratrose,
with the support of my group CWC and other local artists such as Pale$age and sfweeb again.
Your new single ‘Neuroscience’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?
At the end of 2018 I flipped my car on the top of a mountain, I wanted to express the difficulties of recovering from trauma and losing friends along the way
my main inspiration for the sound is a mix between early Linkin Park, A Lot Like Bird and underground rap such Bones, Sybyr, Night Lovell and Lil Peep.
There are many other inspirations I take from but that would be the main source of influence for the direction I’m taking with my music.
How did you go about writing Neuroscience?

I was struggling with the recent trauma of everything that happened last year, so I just locked myself in my room and started to produce and write music.
Most of my songs are more like journal entries with where I was at in that stage of life.
Where and when did you recording/produce and who with?
I started the song around march last year in my home studio, putting all the sounds together. Everything I’ve recorded on this album including neuroscience has been done by myself
recording, mixing, mastering and even the album art.
What programs/instruments did you use to record/produce?
I use Ableton, as well as a few keyboards and guitars. I mainly enjoy warping the sounds I make and I find Ableton allows the easiest manipulation of sound files.
I really do like adding found sounds and soundscapes into songs as well, I enjoy trying to capture a place that you can imagine when you’re listening to the songs.
Who did you work with?
 In terms of creating the actual track, no one. I made everything on my own without any outside influence.
You have an upcoming album release on the way, please tell us about this album and what we can expect:
The album releases on the 21st of Feb, with the majority of it being dark, none of it covers anything positive. as I stated above the songs on this album are similar to journal entries
they cover the mental state I was in when recording, which honestly I wasn’t in a good place. The songs outline themes of depression, anxiety, loss of loved ones and paranoia.
If you enjoy the dark themes of the first two Linkin Park albums, but with more of a rap vibe, you most likely will like this.
I have three features on the album, Pale$age, and Zabvza which are both local Brisbane artists I’ve performed with, I definitely recommend checking them out if you like dark and gloomy rap,
the other Tr!pp, I don’t know that well personally, but I’ve been working with his crew in America for the past year on a few songs, super supportive dude, I definitely back him as well.
Who are you listening to at the moment?

A lot of different stuff to be honest.
Regurgitator – Eduardo and Rodriguez Wage War on T-Wrecks
Limp Bizkit – Significant Other
Killstation – The Two of Us Are Dying
Oliver Francis – The Adventures of Oliver Francis
Make Them Suffer – Old Souls
Brennan Savage – Tragedy 
Sybyr – Charleyhorse
and a bunch of bones
What do you like to do away from music?
I play a lot of video games with friends and watch movies.
I spend a lot of my free time either hanging with friends, recording local artists or just producing.
What’s planned for 2020?
I’m currently in the works of working on the next album after this one and hopefully getting an Australian wide tour
around mid-June to September finally booked. Honestly, most of the plans are just to record, write, have fun and travel with friends.
Favourite food and place to hangout?
Dumplings and Arizona Ice tea, nothing gets better than that.
Favorite place to hang has to be my friend Pale$ages house, get a few other people over and all we do is chill and play
old ps1 horror games like Silent Hill and Dino Crisis.

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