Riviera Beach – Saturday 17th Feb, 2024 – Untitled Group and Thick as Thieves

by the partae

Photography: Hieu Nguyen Trung

Untitled Group, in collaboration with Thick as Thieves, brought the internationally acclaimed DJ and producer MK to Riviera Beach Club.

Accompanied by special guests Airwolf Paradise, Boogs, Cara Murphy, MINX, and Tyson O’Brien, the event promised a night filled with electrifying performances.

MK, renowned for his chart-topping hits and impeccable taste in house music, delivered an unforgettable summer open-air set on Saturday, February 17, 2024. Set against the backdrop of sweeping palm trees and breathtaking ocean views at Riviera Beach Club in St Kilda, MK’s performance was highly anticipated.

The highlight of the evening was MK’s recent collaboration with Dom Dolla, “Rhyme Dust,” which has amassed over 70 million views globally and earned the ARIA for Best Dance/Electronic Release. MK, also known as Marc Kinchen, showcased his expertise honed over years in the industry, boasting over 1 billion global streams and a string of timeless tracks.

Originally from Detroit, MK’s musical journey has seen him collaborate and remix tracks for iconic artists such as Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Pharrell, Mary J Blige, Sam Smith, and Celine Dion. Despite his diverse portfolio, MK has returned to his roots in dance music, establishing himself as one of the most popular DJs in the house music scene.

Having previously captivated audiences at Riviera Beach Club during an Untitled event in 2018, MK’s return was eagerly awaited. His infectious customized sound kept the crowd dancing throughout the night, ensuring an atmosphere of pure euphoria and excitement.

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