Remember Sports share new song ‘Materialistic’

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Remember Sports share new song 'Materialistic'

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New album ‘Like a Stone’ out April 23rd

Pre-order now from Father/Daughter Records (US) & Big Scary Monsters (UK/EU)

“Remember Sports make punky indie pop, combining scrappy guitar shredding with Perry’s brazen vocals.”
Pitchfork“The type of music that you can imagine getting sentimental about years from now, rock songs that will make you feel both homesick for who you were and excited about who you might become.”
The Fader

“Full of sharp, sweet insight and heart-tugging hooks.”
Rolling Stone

“Remember Sports spits out speedball jams that chronicle the uneasy uncertainty of youth – lost loves, giddy crushes – without getting too down about it.”
NPR Music

“Perfect slices of adolescent punk, full of clever and biting songs with catchy hooks and a whole lot to say.”

‘Like a Stone’, the new album from Philadelphia’s Remember Sports, is all about breaking away from old versions of yourself. Vocalist Carmen Perry (she/her) rummages through feelings of doubt and spins them into an imperative to treat herself more kindly; her experiences growing up with Catholicism and later studying religion, as well as living with an eating disorder, provide a visceral lens for the literal blood-and-guts self-scrutiny she writes through.

A gorgeously anxious ballad about avoidance, their latest single, ‘Materialistic’, finds Perry working her way through forgiveness. It provides a plaintive centrepiece for the record, as well as an astonishing outlet for guitarist Jack Washburn’s time-bending, scale-redefining solos.

“It’s about the feedback loop of me caring about my possessions because they hold special memories, and alternately thinking I’m a bad person for caring about a mostly meaningless pile of junk,” Carmen explains.

“This song is special to us because we left a lot of room for Jack to do what he does best, and Nadia Hulett of Nadine made us all cry when she laid down her unimaginably angelic vocals in one take.”

The songs on ‘Like a Stone’ are about insecurity, but they’re also about optimism—emerging from an intrusive thought with a new way to perceive and care for yourself, represented in spectacular denouements made possible by the closeness between the band members. “We’ve grown up together and grown to trust each other,” says Carmen. In recording, Jack felt drawn to music that’s “communal and loud and cathartic, but also kinda confidential and private. I hope we achieved something similar, where you can hear the influence of each of us in the album.” Carmen seconds that; “It feels seamless. To me, Jack and Catherine’s writing feels like an extension of my own.”


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