Reckless Coast

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

Jaeden: Brisbane, but originally we’re all coastal kids from the Sunny Coast all the way down to Coffs Harbour!

How did you first start playing music?

Jaeden: I started guitar when I was 5. As a teenager I did open mics where I started singing… I got into programs such as T.D.P (Syd) and from those I started playing at conferences through the education department. Travelling up and down the East Coast for those really got me into the life of a professional musician, and it all sort of rolled on from there!

 India: I was brought up with music constantly playing around the house and as a toddler my parents would set up pots and pans from the kitchen and create a makeshift drum kit for me with chopsticks as the drum sticks. Then over time I picked up my dad’s acoustic guitar, started lessons and then found a love of bass through playing my grandads old 70’s Fender Jazz and I was hooked!

Jono: I started playing piano when I was 8 and then eventually wanted to learn instruments like guitar and bass when I was a bit older. I only really started playing drums when I was 15. 

How did Reckless Coast form?

Jaeden: I started the band when I came to Brisbane with a few mates who only stayed on for a bit… that’s when I met India and we really hit off, just with the same goals and inspirations…

India: I saw Jaeden made an ad looking for a bassist and drummer, the first time I saw it I didn’t respond and thought “if it’s meant to be, I’ll see it again.” A few days later he posted a different ad and I saw it again so responded. We had a jam session just guitar and bass and hit it off instantly.

Jaeden: Our drummer then left to pursue other avenues in Melbourne late 2020, and that’s when Jono jumped on board… I didn’t even know he was a drummer ahahaha, but we were good mates and jammed… turns out he’s a mad man on the skins and so here we are!

Jono: Bit of a long story on how we all became friends to be honest. I have known Jaeden for approx 3-4 years just because I used to do sound for the band for work before I joined. Both myself and Jaeden’s projects would end up on lineups together because of our similar styles. So we saw a lot of each other. Eventually we just caught up for a beer and he mentioned that Vann (the previous drummer) had moved and I was keen to play some drums again and here we are. 

What’s been happening recently?

India: We’ve been in the studio with producer Cody McWaters (King Stingray, Selfish Sons, The Chats) recording new songs, getting ready for the tour and workshopping another batch of new tunes that I’m so excited to share in the near future!

Your latest single ‘Do You Want Me’ will be out on April 8, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

Jaeden: I was working at a pub at the time, and was very much tired of the same ol nonsense. One shift in particular I was just over it… too much to do, not enough help, even less motivation and I remember thinking of how much I just wanted to do music rather than this job and the thoughts that went through my head during that shift pretty much wrote the song.

Sound wise, the riff came out with a pub rock vibe… which is funny considering the song’s inspiration. I wanted a tune with pumping, energetic ferocity, so the vocals are almost preaching in their delivery. So it didn’t feel like a re-hashed Oz Rock track though, I added a euphoric, almost relieving chorus (plus a few other elements). 

What does this track mean to you?

Jaeden: Just a blatant question to life I guess hahaha. For me, it’s for anyone who feels like they’re getting nowhere and are at that point of questioning whether to keep going or what the hell are they doing it for… it’s a song for that moment haha

India: To me this song is special because it ties in our old school rock inspiration but with a modern edge. Lyrically, it makes you think about what you want but in a ‘zero f**ks given’ type of way!

Jono: To me it’s kind of a transition from the old school style of the band to the new stuff we have coming out.  

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who with?

Jono: As India mentioned before, Cody McWaters recorded and mixed this track. Matthew Gray mastered the track. 

How did you approach the recording process?

Jono: Before we hit the studio I threw some demos together and sent them to Cody and he made some notes and we did some pre-production to polish the track off. We tracked the drums at Jeff Lovejoys studio in Moorooka and recorded the rest at Hunting Ground Studios. 

India: Our recording process runs so smoothly with Jono and Cody. We also don’t limit ourselves to making changes on the day of recording, giving us more creative freedom in the process.

Any tours coming up?

India: We have an east coast tour coming up, shows ranging from the Sunshine Coast down to Sydney and the Central Coast area, and on our way back north will play Gold Coast and a Brisbane show too!

What do you find most rewarding and challenging whilst being on the road?

Jaeden: The most rewarding thing is meeting people you would’ve never met if you just sat around in the same town… every tour I always get excited about who I might meet, or who I’m gonna see again.

India: I agree, the rewarding part is meeting new people and seeing them light up when you play. Challenging part is probably just the change in sleep schedule. But nothing too bad! I’m always grateful to just tour and take in the highs and the lows. It’s all part of the fun.

Jono: Yeah same. I love meeting new people. I haven’t been to the towns we are going to to play shows so I am excited. 

What spots do you like playing and where do you want to play?

India: I loved playing NSW for the Curious Affection tour. They’re super chill but always ready to jam out to rockier music like ours. I would love to play the UK though, I’d happily tour there ASAP.

You’ve changed your band name, why the change?

Jaeden: After we released our last single “TALK” we realised we were a much more refined band. It was a new era for us and we wanted to let people know we were serious about it allplus the old name Rude Rum didn’t portray us properly musically or as individuals.

We’re three coastal kids who love a good rock show so Reckless Coast was a perfect fit.

What are you looking forward to in this new era as a band?

India: I’m really looking forward to releasing more music that is currently being written and workshopped. As Jaeden said, we’re much more refined now. We know exactly what we like, what we want and we’re more than ready to do it!

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Jaeden: I’ve been on a mad Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes binge haha hooked on the drive that band puts out… and I’ve also just got into Amyl and the Sniffers too! Just diggin their style of raw energy.

India: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Hot Milk, and for some reason a lot of early 2000’s rock, and nu-metal? Just revisiting the modern classics!

Jono: Sly Withers, Polaris, Ruby Fields. I also get around local bands like Verum, Ben Tenison, Annoying Neighbours, Patient Lounge, Brixton Alley and Space Flamingo. 

What do you like to do away from music?

Jaeden: I love cooking, especially things from scratch like flatbreads, dumplings, burgers… I’m vegetarian too and I love figuring out creative ways to make alternate versions of things

India:  If I’m not playing music I’m doing something creative, whether that’s designing gig posters for artists or promotional assets for other band’s releases. Brain constantly thinking of what I can do next!

Jono: I love basketball and Fishing. My career at the moment is entirely based around music which is awesome. But I try and do other things in my down time. 

What’s planned for 2022?

Jaeden: more music, more shows, and just rad things in general… we want to do some extra content that’s a little off the track, but just to have something fun for the fans to engage with.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Jaeden: Currently… dumplings… gawd damn love those things

Recently found a rad secret bar called Cindy Chows which I believe was inspired by Shanghai speakeasy bars of the 1920’s… feels so exclusive.

India: My favourite food will always be anything Italian. I love Cindy Chows too! I much prefer the more hidden and low key hangouts than the hustle and bustle locations nowadays.

Jono: Been loving Italian at the moment as well. Also been loving sashimi for some reason, 

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