Rebel Boy Debuts On Spektre’s Respekt With ‘The Ties That Bind Us’ EP

by the partae
Rebel Boy Debuts On Spektre’s Respekt With ‘The Ties That Bind Us’ EP

Spektre welcome Rebel Boy to their label Respekt after the American artist has made a splash with his techno tracks on other imprints such as UMEK’s 1605 and Oliver Huntemann’s Senso Sounds.

The release features two solo original tracks by Rebel Boy that blend his trademark enthralling synth lines with intense atmosphere and thundering percussion.

Both of the hard-hitting tracks are in the explosive style he has also expressed when collaborating with other artists such as, Sam WOLFE, Frankyeffe and The YellowHeads.

Quickly rising through the ranks to make a name for himself on the global techno scene, this EP is yet another example of why Rebel Boy’s tracks have been picking up DJ support from some of the genre’s biggest names.

“The Ties That Bind Us” opens the release with the twisted euphoria of the compelling synth line underpinned by the thump of a chunky kick drum and grinding bassline. Dramatic clap sequences burst forth, and the breakbeat breakdown is the perfect change of pace, before the percussion slams back in after a drop of epic proportions.

“Strange Pulse” has high velocity rhythms with a pulsating bassline and eerie atmosphere cut by otherworldly textured effects. Reaching a crescendo in the main breakdown with snare rolls and a lurching bassline, it delivers an onslaught of peak time energy perfect for any dance floor.


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