Radical Redemption releases his most personal album ‘No Retaliation, Part 1: The Solo’s’

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Amsterdam, datum – The wait is over! Radical Redemption finally releases the first album of his most personal project up to date. With ‘No Retaliation, Part 1: The Solo’s’ the Dutch hardstyle DJ closes off a hard period filled with loss and grief and makes his first steps towards a brighter future. The album contains 12 brand new tracks including his recently released single ‘Won’t Bow Down’.

Even though Radical Redemption is one of the most loved DJ’s in the scene he went through a rough period the last couple of years. Being a DJ/producer for more than a decade, his career was an accumulation of success and highlights until a few years ago. Corona kicked in, he ended the collaboration with his booking agency and label after more than 10 years resulting in a long lawsuit but the most impact on his life and career was of course the loss of his father in 2021. Somehow Radical Redemption managed to turn all this into something positive thanks to his music and fans!

With the release of ‘No Retaliation, Part 1: The Solo’s’ on January the 26th Radical Redemption is back stronger than ever. The album is part of a trilogy that embodies everything Radical Redemption stands for. Working on the project for three years was and emotional and personal journey in which Radical Redemption grew a lot as an artist and producer. ‘The Solo’s’ will be followed by the release of ‘The Collabs’ and ‘The Orchestra of Eternity’ later this year. Together the three albums form a tribute to Radical Redemptions late father and creative partner/sounding board. The albums are connected through their artwork, which all contain one letter that together from the word ‘DAD’. With this tribute he hopes to put this difficult period behind him and focus on a bright future full of music.

In a personal message to his fans Radical Redemption explains the following:

Before you lies the most personal album I have produced in my career. It tells my story, a story of loss, uncertainty, change and mental challenges. But also a story of strength, determination and perseverance. Life happened to me, just like it will happen to any other human being.

Losing my dad in the summer of 2021 had a huge impact on my life.

At the end of 2022 I decided to leave my bookings-agency & music label after 10 years, unfortunately their response was not as expected.

I was removed from line-ups, erased from playlists, they seized my house, my bank account….

…but what do you do when this happens to you? Be afraid, hold back, run away, or stand-up and fight? The fire inside me was ignited like never before, I knew, I will get out of this stronger & better. The music basically wrote itself, inspiration hit like in the early days.

The importance of looking forward became clear, life is just too short to stay in the past.

I don’t have time to be hateful towards people, because there is too much to be grateful for.

Producing this album allowed me to deal with my emotions, it provided closure.

It helped me to process everything that has happened over the last 3 years.

I can really say, for me there will be no retaliation.

It is time to tell my story. Thank you for your time and listening.”

Joey – Radical Redemption

About Radical Redemption

Radical Redemption, the man that single handedly revolutionized the hard dance industry. His bombastic productions will echo through eternity. Huge melodies, knife sharp synths, melancholic atmospheres, pounding kicks and immense rhythmic sections define his unique sound. Resulting in global hits such as ‘America’, his ‘Brutal’ saga, 20.000 Volts (with Yellow Claw), ‘Hard to Tell’ and ‘Stronger & Better’. 

He is the only hard dance artist to sell more than 60.000 tickets with his solo-events, such as ‘The Road to Redemption’, ‘Command & Conquer’ and ‘The Orchestra of Eternity’

He produced more than 6 artist albums and – his 7th solo album – is in the works, planned for 2024/2025. Always striving for the next level in his music- and show production. Aiming for the best performance possible, anytime, always. 

For the last 3 years, Radical Redemption worked on a new, game changing show – apart from his DJ sets. In October 2023 he launched his worldwide exclusive live-act, ‘Radical Redemption & his Orchestra of Eternity’ during a sold-out show in Amsterdam. A once in a lifetime experience, combining the elegance of a 20-piece orchestra with the power of his hard dance music. 

Enter the world of Radical Redemption.

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