Queens of Club Release ‘Bones’

by the partae
Melbourne Goth/Electro - Queens of Club Release 'Bones'

Something sinister is lurking in the undergrowth. A ghostly visitant, creeping, crawling or floating at the edge of your vision. A feeling wells up inside you that quickly pulsates between terror & exhilaration. Your skin bristles, your bones freeze.

The Queens of Club is a nightmarish composite of three enchantresses of electronica from Melbourne: Akaysha Rose (Ok Sure), Sal White (Osopho) & Hannah Millar (Hai Priestess). This project embodies the mood, mayhem & melodrama of gothic electronica and pagan sacrifice. Sonically there are notions of french techno, scandenavian electro, synth wave and the 80s goth superstars that taught us the dark side of pop. The new single “Bones” is a brilliant instance with twisting, breathing beats and ominous romantic vocals, riding a spine of arpeggiated bass. A sincere and brutal track about attraction, power and obsession “Bones” wants to turn you inside out.

LISTEN: https://snd.click/QoCBones




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