PSYCHIC SOCIAL CLUB Food Fights and Candle-lit Cigarettes: Naarm bands latest music video captures cathartic release

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“Anthemic, sweeping rock & roll that blazes with angular riffs and spacious melodies plus an emotive yet tight rhythm section that combine to create an urgency to the music that thrusts ‘We Don’t Talk’ into instant sing-along territory.” (Scenestr) [About ‘We Don’t Talk’]

“We Don’t Talk carries elements of classic Australian indie, catchy hooks, big guitar moments and infectious sing-along scenes. Driven with an underlying passion, it’s a heartfelt track that is popping from start to finish.” (AAA Backstage) [About ‘We Don’t Talk’]

“It’s such a big balloon of pop rock, this is mega infectious…” 
(Declan Byrne, Triple J) [About ‘Worthless’]
“This band throw everything out here and I’m just super charmed by the full tilt effort.” 
(Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed) [About ‘Townsville’]

Naarm’s Psychic Social Club are following up their newest indie-rock single ‘We Don’t Talk’ with its hotly anticipated music video, depicting the tenacious track through a story of a relationship that’s run its course.

‘We Don’t Talk’ is a cathartic unbottling of emotions; a meditation on past relationships that have faded over time. With its fuzzy guitars, soaring chorus, and driving rhythm section, the song provides listeners with a therapeutic release of words unsaid.

Directed by Aidan Rice, the music video for ‘We Don’t Talk’ speaks to the meaning of the track, immersing viewers in a simple yet sadly relatable narrative. It begins in the dining room – the grim and despondent home capturing the detachment of a struggling relationship. A reluctant birthday cake, a slowly lit cigarette and an air of hopelessness communicate everything the audience needs to know about the status of this relationship.

As the song builds and the silence grows in a way that only words unsaid can, a food fight breaks the strain, cutting the tension and even giving a glimpse of once-shared joy. Amidst the chaos, the band performs the track in the living room, the perfect accompaniment to the couple’s anthem of emotional liberation.

Rice masterfully brings this short story to life, skilfully capturing the essence of the song’s emotional landscape. The washed-out colour palette and poignant moments contribute to an overall atmosphere of bittersweet melancholy, reflecting the realities of love slowly lost.

Speaking about the music video, Frontman Jared Roscioli said that it captured the meaning behind the band’s latest single.

“The video portrays the story of a couple whose relationship is on the brink, and while they both understand that staying together is detrimental, the pain of separation is too overwhelming. You start with a birthday celebration, a moment that should be joyous, but instead is tinged with sadness and introspection. You then follow with the release of emotions, that Aidan captures perfectly through the metaphor of a food fight, ending in a melancholy surrender. It’s the perfect visual representation of the complexities and contradictions of human relationships, and what we tried to capture with We Don’t Talk.”

Join in the cathartic release with ‘We Don’t Talk’ from Psychic Social Club and the accompanying music video, out now.


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