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It’s interesting to see hard and alternative rock coming back once again into full fruition and into the mainstream faster and stronger than ever. Now, the genre is about to be changed and propelled even further with this latest addition to 70+ years of rock and roll history. This is ‘VETERAN’, the debut single from prchr. (pronounced PERCHER). The Gold Coast/Kingscliff local has been addicted to grunge, blues and alternative music for all of his life and has recently bestowed upon him the stage name to bring the attention of new listeners and fans to his massive music and live shows which he is increasingly well-known for.

prchr. praises and reflects the storytelling songwriting from artists such as Silverchair, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Electric Light Orchestra but draws inspiration in sound from the likes of Royal Blood, DZ Deathrays, Dead Poet Society and cleopatrick to craft his writing and create his own distinguished bluesy, fuzzy tone which he intends to carve into the stone of rock. prchr. achieves his recognisable sound with the use of multiple guitar amplifiers along with multiple octave and fuzz pedals whilst constantly adding layer upon layer of sound both in the studio and live to properly immerse his listeners in his songwriting and to carry his voice and his words while simultaneously drawing more and more people in every second. And all of this is proven with the release of his debut ‘VETERAN’.

‘VETERAN’ contains a simple riff which builds up a dirty chord progression, blended with lyrics which tell a fictional tale of one being cast aside after constantly benefiting the ignorant individuals who are drawn to success. “I wanted to start off with a hit to the stomach.” prchr. described. “I wanted to reflect people who have been neglected after doing so much for others and to really start it off with a BANG and to continue drawing people into both the sound and the lyrics as the song goes on. I added more layers as the song progressed to build up the climax and really get that main chord progression and hook stuck in people’s heads!” The single was recorded in late 2021 at Electric Sugar Studios in Miami on the Gold Coast and was mixed and mastered by Zig Mentality frontman Jig Dubé to ensure that maximum loudness is heard and the artist’s tone is remembered.

‘VETERAN’ is the track that will set in motion prchr.’s sound being cemented in people’s ears and new fans’ playlists and is the first chapter for an upcoming EP release scheduled for the end of the year. 

‘VETERAN’ is the debut single by Gold Coast alternative rocker prchr. and will be released MAY 20th on all major streaming services.

Joel Sims (prchr.)





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