Playlist September 2020

by the partae

John Dhali – In Time


Set to take London by storm, Soul-Folk artist John Dhali exalts positivity in his latest release ‘In Time’. The single is accompanied by a bold statement of a video. Filmed in public, John rips out of office attire to reveal a rainbow paint-splatter t-shirt and unapologetically dances through London’s tube network. The stunt is in keeping with a unique online presence that is fast gathering a devoted following for its unending stream of positivity.



Marsela – Who Knows Where The Love Goes


London-based, British-Albanian musician Marsela has dropped her debut single, “Who Knows Where The Love Goes?”. She has everything you’d want in a singer: an infectious soul/jazz flare, a range like Joplins’, and cinematic storytelling unafraid to talk about the unknown. The release covers a narrative of heartbreak and the struggles of a rough breakup, and it certainly makes for a hard-hitting debut. With a glowing video released today, the visual ads further personality to a personable single.



Conal Kelly – In My Head


Bristol based Conal Kelly releases musing new single ‘In My Head’. With dreamy, refined vocals and edgy instrumentals, Conal’s fresh approach to chilled alt-pop is sensationally crafted. This multi-talented artist’s new offering combines contemplative lyrics and celestial melodies, propelling bedroom pop to new heights.



Laya Laya – I Can Feel You


19 debut, with this version being produced in lockdown alongside electronic alt-pop artist MBlurring electronic elements with live instrumentation and sublime harmonies, Laya Laya is the British alternative brainchild of writer/singer Freya Zai and producer Super Joshi. The duo has returned to share a celestial new single “I Can Feel You”.  The pair met in 2017, both having suffered from illnesses that had led them back to music making as a means of recovery. Freya having nearly died from Sepsis, Super losing his voice entirely for several months forcing him to undergo a year-long speech therapy program. After these life altering experiences, Freya and Super both left their roles in law and sales to pursue their creative interests and have not turned back since.



Punt Guns – FOHT


Punt Guns’ video for ‘FOHT (Fantasy Of Hopeless Thoughts)’ is a spectacle of clever production, with western cowboy and space themes brought to life. Samura1, Karisma, J-Nua and Django star as the cast, assuming their musical roles as cowboy’s and building an intriguing narrative throughout. The creative flair and compelling storyline make for some epic visuals.



Tom Featherstone – Alright (At Home)

Sheffield based singer-songwriter Tom Featherstone is set to release his new single ‘Alright (At Home)’. The track is a reworking of his 20inimal Animal. The lo-fi ambience of this iPhone recorded vocal makes Featherstone’s agile voice all the more captivating, paired with soothing acoustic guitar and haunting textures.


Gecko Club – By The Pool


Gecko Club’s second release of the year is one of the first songs they ever wrote. Having kept the track hidden for two years since recording it at River Studios in Southampton, they felt that the now was the perfect time to finally release the laid-back groove and video for “By The Pool,” an easy-to-listen track with catchy guitar riffs and dream-like solos. “The laid-back groove tells a story of a summer romance in the teenage years,” Gecko Club says. The self-directed video portrays the song’s summer feels in an effortlessly fluid weekend trip to the south coast.



Loodvig – Make Our Own


Atlanta-based LOODVIG is a fresh and authentic voice who pairs his vocal abilities with unique and clever pop, electronic, and hip-hop arrangements. Today, he released his latest single “Make Our Own”, produced by Spenser Boice (Flo Rida).


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