Playlist September 2020

by the partae

Dylan Josua – can’t stay

Dylan Joshua has returned with his newest offering ‘can’t stay’. Not one to be penned into strict genres of hip-hop or RnB, Dylan’s art could be defined at V&B – vibes and blues. The track creates the perfect balance of cool and dreamy vibes that maintains a spellbinding stream of consciousness that is effortlessly and melodically performed. With a weightless air and consistent flow that catches the attention, ‘can’t stay’ takes a look at the deep feelings within a relationship and his honest lyrics face up to the unfavourable parts of love and emotion. As the narrative evolves, Dylan paints a vivid picture in the mind of the listener that provides for a lyrical journey, led by pulsing beats and his stylised, distorted vocals. 

Magazines – Happy Alone

Magazines have built a reputation as the new indie darlings of the Irish music scene. The band dropped some debut releases last year and quickly garnered attention on the Dublin live music scene (before… well, you know). The group now return with new single ‘Happy Alone’, a fan favourite that is already being heralded as their best work to date.

Earl Gray Collective – This House

Earl Gray Collective’s new single ‘This House’ propels their artistry to a deeper and more musing level as the lyricism takes an introspective turn. The listener is taken on a story-like exploration of self understanding and realisation that is perfectly constructed as the track progresses. The fluidity of the instrumentals elegantly begin whilst emphatically building, defined by tender piano keys and rich, mellow guitar strums, coated in irresistable harmonic vocals. 


Transporting electronic dark-pop to new heights, KLEOPATRA’s debut EP ‘Machina’ is a slick compilation of distorted yet silky vocals and psychedelic melodies. KLEOPATRA intriguingly blurs the lines between humanity and the digital, and compellingly highlights themes of dystopia throughout her craft. With a stand out offering, KLEOPATRA’s sound is strikingly powerful, and provides for an electrifying listen. Each song’s lyricism progressively tells the story of heartbreak and mental health, and also covers topics of abstract thought and metaphorical observation, taking a look at the superficial and mechanical constructions of society. This dark-pop singer-songwriter, producer and visual artist combines modern electronic production with fresh smooth vocals – an android with human consciousness.

Don Barclay – Breathe

Scottish sensation Don Barclay’s new single ‘Breathe’ encapsulates his effortless, raw talent. With twangy instrumentals, and warm vocals, the track breathes life into classic indie-folk. His acoustic sound and stripped back style is beautifully soulful, portraying his natural musical talent to the best of its ability. By carefully honing his smooth tone, Don experiments in ‘Breathe’ by adding a   hip-hop inspired drum within the chorus, showing Don’s fearless approach to his music and in turn making the track exceptionally mellifluous. Taking influence from artists such as James Gillespie, Adam French, Dermot Kennedy, Ben Howard and MILKK, Don has refined his heartwarming craft to form a sound that is both exquisite and dreamy.  

Random Weekend – By The Lake House

A fusion of contradicting yet complimentary sounds, ‘Fire by the Lakehouse’ is a production powerhouse formulation by Random Weekend. Harbouring ethereal synth, pounding beats and topped with a mixture of Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L and Pook Hustle’s distinct rap bars, the four tracks ebb and flow with energy, incorporating a plethora of alternative, intoxicating sounds that take a fresh spin on trap. Random Weekend’s genre-blending, vivid vision is projected through their exclusive sound, and their playful, adventurous nature makes for something surely unheard. 

DayDream Frenzy – Nowhere I’d Rather Be

Daydream Frenzy drop feel good alt-rock track ‘Nowhere I’d Rather Be’. With an echoey tone, spirited instrumentals and Don Barclay’s authentic vocal tone, the track is as uplifting as it is edgy. Taking influence from the likes of Twin Atlantic, Biffy Clyro, The Hunna, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Don Broco, Daydream Frenzy’s sound is perfectly nostalgic yet refreshingly progressive. The song’s honest lyricism, focuses on positive emotions and harbours a slight element of tongue-in-cheek, all reflecting on Don’s personal journey, making for something truly musing.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L – Lavender

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L’s new single ‘Lavender’ is a playful take on lust and love, with catchy lyrics and a pulsing beat, the song’s storyline is told through Breon’s adept rap flow and charming confidence. ‘Lavender’s’ accompanying visuals encapsulate the essence of both the lyrics and the title, with dusky purple hues captured in the shots with Breon and his female lead, along with sharp camera cuts and wide shots of Breon in his hometown of New York. Embodying his personality perfectly, the single exemplifies Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L as a standout talent, with his brand of Hip-Hop being highly relatable and equally powerful.

Rosita – 3am

Flourishing with silky vocals and a smooth irresistible melody, Rosita’s new single ‘3AM’ is both entrancing and effortlessly cool. This rising star adds a fresh twist to soulful pop, portraying slick R&B vocals through her emotive melodies and lyricism. Her soul-baring tone is fluent and accurate, with a contrast of vibrancy and dynamism. Taking influence from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and most recently Summer Walker and Jorja Smith, Rosita’s tone is elegantly refined, and her music takes a fresh approach to classic styles.




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