Playlist July 2020

by the partae

Vintage Culture – Vintage Culture & Friends 3

Vintage Culture’s global presence is growing in line with his surging beats. The synth-led soundscape of his new EP is dark and cinematic, featuring a healthy dose of suspenseful electronic dance drops and a reworking of Radiohead’s ‘Creep.’ Vintage Culture is at his very best on the explosive floor-filler and opening track ‘Colour of My Heart.’

Anna Aarons – Words (video)

London based singer-songwriter Anna Aarons has released the video for her 2019 single ‘Words.’ With shots of Anna performing on stage, the video delivers a polished and artistic aesthetic which complements the sass of the soulful, jazz-infused track. Like all of Anna’s work, this visual showcases her ability to turn sour experiences into sweet art.

GunFight – Battlefield

GunFight is an artist, producer and DJ who is rapidly gaining momentum. New single ‘Battlefield’ embodies this, with an energetic ascent into a synth-filled drop and a pulsating beat forming the driving force of the song. GunFight pairs commercial electro-pop elements with a unique structure that pulls listeners in.

OXP – Want You to Love Me

Producer and multi-instrumentalist duo OXP have collaborated with 90s Motown legend Horace Brown for their new single ‘Want You to Love Me’ from their debut LP ‘Swing Convention.’ Brown’s silver-throated vocals capture the essence of 90s R&B, partnered with modern G-Funk and textured percussion from OXP.

Valencia – Out of Line

British-American pop duo Valencia have released the candid new single ‘Out of Line.’ Driven by an acoustic guitar riff, the song delivers irresistible and masterful melodies. With intimate lyrics, the synergy between the duo’s vocals makes this mid-tempo pop track both tender and powerful simultaneously.

Tuesday Knight – Don’t Hit My Line

Taken from his 2019 album ‘Fys’, Tuesday Knight has released the hip-hop summer anthem ‘Don’t Hit My Line.’ Bluesy guitar locks, a grooving bass riff and spacey keys provide the backdrop to Tuesday Knight’s smooth and melodious vocals, which transition from an agile rap flow to an R&B style hook.

Duke & The Dry Cleaners – ‘Now We’re Cooking’

‘Now We’re Cooking’ follows the band’s debut single ‘I Want To’, created alongside co-producer Arjun Doel and released earlier this year. The song received notable acclaim from blog coverage, and the band have also been praised for their dynamic live performances.

Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L

Brooklyn hip-hop prodigy Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L has dropped the double-release ‘Breakfast For Dinner.’ Recorded during lockdown, Breon’s smooth cadence can be heard alongside the afro-pop leaning rhythms of ‘Staycation’, whilst second track ‘Littly Kitty’ offers a hooky synth line and upbeat vocal flow.

BlindBuyer – Stin Zali

Embracing his Greek heritage, BlindeBuyer’s enchanting vocals deliver lyrics in his native tongue on his latest track ‘Stin Zali.’ Haunting synth pads and a moving beat form the crux of the song, which follows a refreshingly unique structure. The complexities of this dark and dreamy track demonstrate BlindBuyer’s vast potential.


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