Playlist July 2020

by the partae

Caleb Hawley

Harlem-based Caleb Hawley’s distinctive, breathy vocal is utterly captivating on new single ‘Tell Me What It’s Like to Have a Dream Come True.’ The dreamy chorus is juxtaposed with the gritty, melancholic verses. With subtle rock influences, this mid-tempo ballad is like a breath of fresh air for the pop scene.

Michael Lukes

Michael Lukes has released the luminary music video for his song ‘Stars’, taken from his dynamic EP ‘I AM’. The indie-pop and folk singer-songwriter collaborated with director Angelice B. Ganti and a diverse cast from multiple countries, creating a visual which amplifies the song’s message of unity.


Buoyant keys and tinny beats create a summery soundscape on KnowledgeBoy’s new single ‘Hottie Baby’. The Chicago-born rapper delivers a confident, smooth flow supported by R&B-style harmonies, all enveloped in sugary autotune. This track is taken from his upcoming album release, ‘Leaders 4’.


Melbourne trio BTWN US have perfected the recipe for an indie-pop floor-filler with their latest single ‘Talk.’ Featuring smooth melodies and powerful vocals throughout, the chorus bursts with whirring bass, guitar locks and chanting harmonies. This irresistible anthem is accompanied by a gritty, sunset-soaked music video.

Silver Coast

‘You Could Have It All’ is the enticing new single from Scottish Alt-Rock band Silver Coast. The emphatic electric guitar and vivacious drums create an immense sound, featuring the vitality of Pop Punk and the gritty edge of Indie Rock. Lead vocalist Aaron Murray delivers powerful, compelling belts which elevate the track further.

Black Sands

‘The Hardest Pill to Swallow’ is the dark, dynamic and electric debut single from producer Black Sands. The smooth R&B vocal is partnered with a driving Alt-Rock beat and swirling synthesisers, creating a unique fusion of genres. The momentum of this track never waivers, building anticipation for Black Sands’ upcoming record.

Pook Hustle

‘Purple: Grass Is Always Greener’ is the new dual-track release from Brooklyn-born hip-hop prodigy Pook Hustle. The bouncing hook line of ‘Sickwitit’ is paired with energetic percussion, whilst ‘Budapest’ offers spacey synths and a smooth, assured rap flow. This project precedes his upcoming sophomore EP ‘Red Tape’.

Stock Footage

The debut album ‘Broken Together’ from Indie-Rock band Stock Footage indicates that this is a duo unafraid to explore uncharted sounds. High-octane percussion and driving guitar lines create a rock edge to the pop-inspired melodies, partnered with the band’s signature horns.

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