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SIIGHTS – Blue Skies

SIIGHTS are an electro-pop duo made up of Mia Fitz and Toni Etherson, whose music is packed with  infectious melodies, strong production and carefully crafted songwriting.  Their latest release Blue Skies is an earworm that touches on topics of loss, grief and a much needed message of hope.

Roman Rogue – Need A Friend

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Roman Rogue has got R&B embedded into his DNA. The singer-songwriter entered the industry from an early age, and has always found himself on stage. Roman’s latest offering, titled Need A Friend, showcases Roman’s trademark sound and an intricate vocal performance.


Mike D’Andrea began his musical career as a punk-rock frontman, touring New England back in 2010. Now 25, Mike has since rebranded to glvsshouse and relocated to Los Angeles, rebranding his sound alongside best friend and Grammy Award winning producer Mike Hector. His debut single Games picked up support from Respect Magazine and Fresh Pressed after catching fire on the internet scene, and now the single is on all platforms.

John Dhali – Plain Sight

Pook Hustle – Wawa

Paisley Park – Hey Lady

Stock Footage – Broken Together

Punt Guns – 3pots

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