Parlour Gigs – Bringing Back Live Music

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Parlour Gigs - Bringing Back Live Music

“I’m really excited to be using the Parlour platform in a time where regular gigs are off the cards. The opportunity to play smaller shows at people’s homes is such a great way to adapt to the times.” – Ali Barter

Parlour is an online platform that allows artists to tour directly into their fan’s homes.
Since launching in 2015, Parlour has facilitated over 2000 gigs around the world with artists such as Ben Lee, Sarah Blasko, Dallas Frasca, Sarah McLeod, Chris Cheney (The Living End), Robert Forster and Harry James Angus.  Gigs have limited numbers and offer a unique experience to both artists and fans to make and appreciate music within the familiar setting of a home.

Now, as we approach a world emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, a return to regular touring for artists will still be a while away. Small capacity shows in fan’s homes will be a safe, controlled way of reintroducing live music into the public sphere. Parlour is a way for artists to start playing, earning and connecting with their fans again.

Beyond just making these gigs easy to put together, Parlour provides a way for fans to directly support their musicians and the Australian Music industry, with 83% of each show’s ticket sales going direct to the artist’s pocket.
It’s a way for artists to expand their revenue options, whilst building and connecting with their fanbase.
Artists/managers can sign up and start booking gigs almost immediately, and fans can campaign to request artists to play shows too.

With lockdown laws gradually easing across the country, now is the time to book your favorite artist to play in your home, and help the music industry to get back on its feet.

Tours on the horizon so far are Ali Barter, Busby Marou and the Pierce Brothers, with many more to come! If you are an artist/manager wanting to arrange a tour or one off show, click here:

If you want to see who is touring with Parlour, click here

“Parlour has always been a good way to directly connect with fans but in the wake of COVID Parlour could be a life line in the rebuild of the music business while we wait for pubs and clubs to re-open. People are busting for action.” – Sarah Mcleod

“It was genuinely exciting to connect with different communities on their home turf and to be reminded of the tender role songs can play in people’s lives.” – Ben Lee

“I love using Parlour. I’ve used it to offset touring costs in both Australia and the US, and perhaps most importantly to build and connect with my fanbase.
Parlour shows will be the first live performances for me when the time is right to emerge from our cocoons. We really don’t know how things like flight costs and venue restrictions will impact traditional touring yet, and we don’t know how comfortable people will be with big crowds. But we do know that rocking up to someone’s backyard and having a great time will be an option very soon, and a really important income earning opportunity for musicians.” – Bobby Alu

“I’ve played some fantastic Parlour shows, and I really enjoyed each one. Small gatherings in a homely environment is the perfect setting for musicians to share their music during this rebuilding phase.” – Sally Seltmann


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