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Hey Paria, thanks for speaking with us! Congrats on the release of your new track ‘C’mon’. You wrote this in record time didn’t you, when you were staying on a farm in Norway? 

Yes, I was on a farm and really bored haha, I remember walking around humming the melody that now has become the hook for this song “c’mon, c’mon, c’mon” for some reason. I figured, I could just record it on my phone, I ended up putting the recording in a project and started making a beat. After half an hour I had written the whole song. The hook and the chords gave me a really dreamy and romantic vibe and the melodies went together perfectly. I tend to write story-based lyrics and often from a certain character’s point of view, but this time I just wanted to paint pretty pictures with the melodies and lyrics. C’mon puts you in the situation of someone who tries to convey their basic needs to another person, but they’re too scared to say the words out loud.”

How do you find tracks normally come to you? Do you often find the hook will come to you out of nowhere, or do you prefer to lock down in the studio and work on tracks in a big session?

It’s different every time, like with C’mon it was instant but sometimes I spend the whole day coming up with things. But I would say I always have a chill set-up. So, it’s never big sessions for me unless I’m writing for another artist. I do like to take things as they come in the studio. I only have a few producers I choose to work with, and they are my friends so it’s always like, ok let’s meet and make something nice. And often I’m producing myself at home so it’s easy to work several hours without even noticing. 

You were born in Iran and moved to Oslo in 2013. What inspired the move? And why Oslo?

Well I lived in Turkey before moving to Norway in 2013 so when we moved out of Iran, I was very young and had to do what my parents wanted me to do. And I guess their motive was to build a better life for us, so we moved out. 

How did you get into singing and music in the first place?

I grew up in a musical family and was always exposed to a lot of music. So, I started playing the violin then piano and guitar, but nothing gave me so much joy like singing did. So, I’ve continued to love singing and felt called to make music that maybe can move people the way music moves me. 

Do you remember your first singing performance? 

Uuuuuhm the first ever? Cause that would be in kindergarten in a children’s play performance my mom forced me to do haha.

What are your favourite things about Oslo/Norway in general? If someone was visiting you, where would you take them for the best coffee/food/culture for example?

I am so fortunate that I’ve been able to travel around Norway and performed in so many different cities. I guess the typical answer to this question would be the nature; I’ve seen some crazy fjords and mountains here! But I guess the thing I enjoy the most about Norway/Oslo is the flea markets. I’m a total sustainable fashion junkie and I’ve found some really exciting treasures in markets all over Norway. So, I’d take any visiting friends to one of those markets. 

What’s next for Paria?

I’ve just released the video for “C’mon” and I think this is the last single for this year. But I really want to release Christmas songs that I’ve been writing lately. So that’s a big maybe for this year… and of course my album is coming next year.



Paria ‘C’mon’ is Out Now on Bøl Records, get it here:






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