PALLAS HAZE take a boogie-inducing approach to self-reflection on new single ‘EGO’

by the partae

‘Ego’, the newest single from Sydney band Pallas Haze, combines an intense instance of self-reflection with some serious boogie sensibilities. The band has found their place somewhere between indie rock and RnB, ultimately producing something sinfully groovy with this dance-oriented track. The song was mixed by Jack Nigro (DMA’s, Skegss, Middle Kids, Pacific Avenue), and mastered by Darren Ziesing (Rüfüs Du Sol). Instantly memorable and lined with dulcet vocals and some insanely funky guitar flourishes, ‘Ego’ pushes Pallas Haze well and truly into the territory of ones to watch in the indie scene. 

“Our songs start with a motif, often a catchy guitar riff or a melodic phrase that resonates with each of us. This creates the backbones of the track. Everything else is built around it, whilst staying true to the integrity of the track’s initial meaning. Despite us all growing up with different musical influences, we each bring an element of unique taste which blends together to create what we describe as The Pallas Haze Sound.” PALLAS HAZE

Thematically, ‘Ego’ situates itself in the middle of an intense moment of self-reflection, and in particular on the idea of pride and self-centredness: “Gotta get myself off the bottom shelf. Aren’t I better than that?” Sonically, on the other hand, this brand new single embodies a breezy sound and mood entirely separate to the song’s lyrical qualities. With its elements of self-consciousness and simultaneous care-free vibes combined, Pallas Haze achieve a sense of blissful balance.

“Our music is neither happy or sad, it is reflective and represents a sense of escapism as music allows us to escape from all stresses of life…this is what we want our audience to experience with us.”  PALLAS HAZE

Consisting of drummer Kapil Bhuta, lead Guitarist Ananya Bhindi, lead singer Zac Harvey and bassist Luca Benvenuto (the first two of which are first cousins who have played music together from an early age), Pallas Haze as a whole has only existed since early 2023. Bhindi and Harvey met on the judging panel for a Battle of The Bands, became fast friends, and subsequently spent a month writing songs together as a duo. The band soon incorporated Bhuta and Benvenuto, finding a sense of collaborative harmony and completing their full established line-up. The group played the Winter Wine Festival together in July of 2023, alongside Matt Corby, Sons of the East and Cat Empire. 

With the band on track to start 2024 with a bang, ‘Ego’ is the first step in what is sure to be an exciting new year for Pallas Haze

‘Ego’ is out Now


Pallas Haze: triple j Unearthed | Instagram | YouTube

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