PALACE 9 Delivers Alt-Rock Bliss With A Debut Single Sized Slice of ‘Paradise’

by the partae

Delving into the deepest corners of the mind, Brisbane alt-rock trio PALACE 9 builds upon a bedrock of masterful melodies and stimulating storytelling to breathe life into their inner fantasy worlds, leading to the creation of their debut single ‘Paradise’ (out March 25).

Using a decadent mix of indie/ alt influences to make high-powered guitar-based rock that balances expressive indie-rock artfulness with dreamy, surf-rock sensibilities, PALACE 9 strives to transform fragmented visions of timeless utopias into accessible sonic experiences and powerhouse performances.

The band’s debut single ‘Paradise’ is in a world of its own, as overdriven guitars combine comfortably with nimble percussion, making way for rich and resonate lead vocals to roam confidently through the verse. With the introduction of oscillating riffs, vocal harmonies and expanding drums, the chorus shivers with the ecstasy of a nirvana that is almost within reach, sitting on the edge of dreams and reality.

High electric guitar notes arrive on a breeze of island air while the low, loyal bass moves as fluidly as sand, shifting with the movements of the song, yet always there as a grounding force. With each dominant chorus, the pursued paradise becomes a more tangible reality, acting as a guiding force to relish in the beauty of life.

In true PALACE 9 style, ‘Paradise’ comes from the depths of the mind, where creativity is able to flow freely and harmony is born between the self and the ever-challenging world we face, as the band explains:

‘Paradise’ comes from a place deep inside, on the edge of dreams and reality. Each of us can imagine these dreams or visions of beautiful places, our ideal world. But we must be inclined to use our vision of Paradise to guide us in our day-to-day lives which sees us at the mercy of the mind, constantly entangled by ego. With little control of the volatile world we find ourselves in, we have but two options; to hide in Paradise or to live our dreams as reality. What does your perfect world look like?”

For your own slice of alt-rock paradise, join PALACE 9 at their ‘Paradise’ Single Launch at O’Skulligans on March 24, ahead of the debut single release on March 25.

PALACE 9 ‘Paradise’ Single Launch
O’Skulligans, Brisbane – March 24th
Tickets here

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