OSCAR OSCAR returns with intimate new single + video for ‘Set In Stone’

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OSCAR OSCAR returns with intimate new single + video for 'Set In Stone'
“Brisbane producer oscar oscar has established himself as a “one-to-watch””
– Pilerats“It takes a special kind of artist to tell a story without any words, and once again oscar oscar has knocked it out of the park.”
– Purple Sneakers

“Very clever, cool, and interesting stuff….”
– Richard Kingsmill, triple j

Brisbane producer Oscar Oscar is back stronger than ever with his new single ‘Set In Stone’, releasing today alongside a brooding, lo-fi video clip. The track has also landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday AU/NZ, Local List, and New Dance Beats. 

After a short hiatus, Oscar Oscar returns with ‘Set In Stone’, showcasing his evolving sound of intelligent electronic music; bridging the gap between bedroom pop and alternative electronica.  Known for evoking the sensibilities with delicate and atmospheric soundscapes, ‘Set In Stone’ however, pulsates a darker, provocative tone. The release is an exploration of his subconsciousness and of new sounds.

“In my previous work I fused different genres, so my new music is similar in that way. I just make music because I rarely know how to articulate what I’m really feeling, and so music is a way for me to work that out.”, says Oscar Oscar.

The accompanying video clip cleverly echoes the mood of the track and aimed to “explore what emotional response computer-generated imagery could evoke in an audience”, tells the director Joshua Richards who marks his first publicly released collaboration with Oscar Oscar. The visual aesthetic was experimental in nature, fusing impressions of movement from the artist with overlays of images of stones, rocks, and cliff faces.

Oscar Oscar is a self-produced singer-songwriter, creating in his bedroom studio since his inception in 2017, releasing a string of singles via Majestic Casual Records. Since then, his catalog has amassed over 2 million streams on Spotify, and has received airplay across triple j and triple j unearthed as well as praise from notable tastemakers including Stoney Roads, Pilerats, Purple Sneakers and more.

The first of more to come from Oscar Oscar this year, don’t sit back idly and get around his new release.

‘Set In Stone’ is out now.


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