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Collaborating on projects like this is relatively new territory for you – is it something you’d like to explore further now?

Yes! Definitely something I’d like to keep doing and get better at. I’ve always been relatively closed off with my song writing, so I’d like to one day make a collaborative project of sorts!

How did you first link with KP Hydes and how do you think his presence on ‘Lush Lyfe’ changed the original idea you had for it (if it did)?

I met KP a while ago at a gig in Canberra. He’s really good friends with one of my good friends/band members, and of course we have a really cool bond. To be honest, the original idea wasn’t really a song at all, just a drum groove that I had on my hard drive for a while. Wasn’t till KP had come for a visit one night we decided just to work on it. Lush Lyfe came about really, really quickly.

Is this the sort of music we’d hear you listening to outside of your own project? What’s the sort of music that’s getting you by these days?

Such a hard question to answer, simply because my tastes change so often. I’ve been listening to hip hop for a while, but also have been getting into more of an electronic vibe these days. It really depends what mood I’m in.

It’s a vibe of a track that spotlights your vocals as it does KP’s – what was the best part of this experience for you as a vocalist and songwriter?

Funnily enough, the vocal hook at the end of the song, was originally part of another song I had written about a year ago, but it just seemed to fit in perfectly. I think the best thing about this collab though was how easy and fun it was just to mix something with KP. We didn’t have to stress or try too hard, just kind of went with it.

It also shows a lot of versatility for you as a performer – how important is it for you to remain pushed and challenged creatively?

This is something that I’ve actually thought about a lot recently. I think it is definitely important to always push yourself, and I try to approach song writing, practise and even just listening to new music in the same vein. I’ve only just noticed that I don’t ever really stop thinking about music.

You’re back on the road, how has it been preparing these shows after not being able to tour for so long?

I guess it’s both weird and not weird at the same time. I love being on the road but also love being at home making music and hanging with friends! I think a good mix at the moment is doing me really well.

Now ‘Lush Lyfe’ is out, what is coming next for Oly Sherman?

I’ve just wrapped up an album, so plenty to come from that!

Saturday 17th April Since I Left You Sydney
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Friday 7th May The Bearded Lady Brisbane
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Thursday 13th May Treehouse on Belongil Byron Bay
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Friday 14th May Flow Cafe Old Bar, NSW
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Saturday 15th May Sol Bar (Loungebar) Maroochydore
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Thursday 20th May The Lansdowne Sydney

‘Lush Lyfe’ is out now.
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