Ok Sure X Osopho – Blind

by the partae
Ok Sure X Osopho - Blind Exclusive

Ok Sure & Osopho are doing something really different in their individual projects, as two thirds of Queens of Club and in this outstanding collaboration “Blind”.

 These Melbourne producers will throw around terms like Witch-Pop and Gothtronica, so you can tell there is a sense of humour in there. But the sheer darkness of the track seems to push all the fun and games to the side. The music is sensual and scary at the same time “….like being tied to a chair at a Satanist burlesque show”, the seductive vocals lower your inhibitions before the demonic synth-work sends legions of nanobots to attack your nervous system.

 If you’re looking for musical references, you might get hints of scandenavian electro and some 90s industrial but there are elements in there that are used to the loud PAs of clubs and festivals paying homage to a techno background. Is there enough music like this coming out to instigate an entire moment? We’ll have to wait and see but if you’re looking for something unusual, sexy and edgy, check out this new track from Ok Sure & Osopho and be sure to keep and ear out for future moments of lustful intrigue.




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