Off Night

by the partae
Off Night

Hey guys, great to chat to you. How are things in your world?

Hey, our world is full of love and music. All good 😉

Can you tell us how you met and came to work with each other?

We first met about 6 years ago and for a long time we were both residents of one of the clubs in Kiev.

We were playing a lot together and therefore, we decided to combine our efforts and created a project OFF NIGHT.
How would you describe your sound? Is there anything that really influences your productions?

Its a spicy mix between indie dance and melodic house, for sure, with a big influence of 80s.

How are things in Ukraine at the moment? Does it look like there will be a return to clubs & festivals any time soon?

We are slowly back to normal life and normal night life. We see light at the end of the tunnel and expect this summer to be massive.

If you could play anywhere in the world for your first gig back, where would it be?

We have amazing gig on 4th of June, playing with Keinemusik team – Rampa, Adam Port, &Me. We couldn’t imagine a better opening of the season.

Tell us about your debut EP ‘Suspended In Air’. How did the collaboration with the legendary Robert Owens come about?

Robert is a true legend and the “voice of house music”. It was always a dream to work with him, since we just started listening to house music. So we created a demo with his vocal cuts, sent him to check. He liked it and agreed to make a collab with us and wrote original lyrics for this single.

Who did what – did you each have a set role on the track or did you collaborate on everything?

We work together all the time, but Oleg is more responsible for the groove elements and Maxim is for melodic parts and mixing.

Sascha Braemer and Oliver Schories remixed your track, it must be pretty inspiring to have two big names already remixing your first record?

Yes, amazing that it happened and big thanks to Sascha and Oliver that took this risk to believe in us and remix first single of a new project.

Has it been weird writing music without any clubs open? Has that affected your sound?
Not at all. We were DJing for many years before we even met, so we know what works on the floor and what makes people dance. The pandemic just gave us more freedom and time to make music.
What’s next for you, are you working on any more projects that you can tell us about?

For next release we have collab with Canadian vocalist Elly Ball. It’s a very sexy tune, so we are looking forward to it!

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