Ocean Alley release exhilarating 4th album ‘Low Altitude Living’

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“Ocean Alley keep getting better and better”
Mixdown Magazine“this album will push Ocean Alley further towards major-global-band status”
– Rolling Stone Australia

“A record that commands your attention from start to finish”
– STACK Magazine

Beloved Australian rock outfit Ocean Alley are thrilled to release their highly anticipated fourth album Low Altitude Living today.

Low Altitude Living is out now to stream and purchase HERE.
Listen to Low Altitude Living in Spatial Audio, exclusively on Apple Music.
A limited digital pressing is available via serenade.co

Produced by longtime collaborator Callum Howell, Low Altitude Living sees the six-piece construct their broadest ranging sonic framework yet, cohesively honouring the traditional features of their distinct sound, and equally give it a refreshing and exciting new edge. Across its 12 tracks, frontman Baden Donegal’s poetic lyricism communicates feelings of heartbreak, temptation and betrayal; balancing out these themes with a bright hopefulness on feel-good tracks like ‘Double Vision’ and the sensual, romantic ‘Perfume’.

Determined to constantly push their creative boundaries, the writing phase of this album saw Ocean Alley explore their musicality through an instinct and playfulness that allowed them to follow their jam sessions wherever they went. While the band have always worn the influence of 70s stalwarts such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin on their sleeves, the band have catapulted into a new frontier, guitarist Mitch Galbraith explaining “It’s all still centred around a rock guitar, but we might have gone a bit heavier in moments.”

Baden says “We’ve been a band for over 10 years now. Time and growing up are going to affect who we are, and what music we are playing.” Lach Galbraith (keys/vocals) adds “Pushing each other to try new things, inside and outside of music, is really important for us to keep things fresh. Musically our songwriting has become more intricate as we explore new styles and techniques in recording. Everything we put in is thoughtful and deliberate.”

From the thickly-textured ballad ‘Drinks and Cigars’ to the layered harmonies and sax solo on ‘Simple Pleasures’, Ocean Alley’s determination for constant evolution is at the forefront of each song, paving the way for the cinematic and otherworldly ‘Lapwing’, a 6-minute opus that closes the album. This is Ocean Alley at their most free, creative and adventurous; exemplifying why they continue on their unstoppable rise as one of Australia’s most exciting musical exports.

2022 has seen Ocean Alley perform 65 gigs around the world, having sold a cumulative 75,000+ tickets across their headline shows this year alone and still with a huge run of international headline dates and local festival performances to come – namely Falls Festival, Lost Paradise and Heaps Good Fest.

Low Altitude Living follows the success of 2020’s critically acclaimed Lonely Diamond which debuted at #1 on the ARIA Vinyl Chart and #3 on the Album Chart. The band have achieved 1x Double Platinum and 5x Gold-certified singles across Australia and New Zealand, as well as Gold certification on their 2018 breakthrough Chiaroscuro. With 550 million catalogue streams under their belt and counting, it feels like Ocean Alley are just getting started. They know who they are, and remain true to what serves them… As Baden explains, “Low altitude, being by the beach is where we all have the most peace. The title of the album doesn’t necessarily represent any one song in particular, or tie them all together. But it does tie our band to the music. I feel like it’s more of a title that describes why we sound like Ocean Alley.”

OCEAN ALLEY – Low Altitude Living [LP] Out now (Independent)
Available to stream and purchase

Low Altitude Living tracklist:
1. Home
2. Double Vision
3. Touch Back Down
4. Perfume
5. Drinks And Cigars
6. Simple Pleasures
7. Parking Fines
8. Changes
9. Deepest Darkness
10. West Coast
11. Snake Eyes
12. Lapwing


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