No Longer Kids Interview

by the partae
Where are you currently based?
We’re from the Melbourne South east suburbs.

How did the band form?

It was a little after covid we (band members Blake and Jackson) got back in touch years after high school. We’d just go to Blake’s house and play some covers and old favourites (silver chair, nirvana, foo fighters and so on) until we decided to make our own music in the summer of 2022. Shortly after we released our first song officially (under the weather) in august 2022, we introduced keenan, our second Guitarist into the band, who we’d been doing some rehearsals with for a couple months. We all bonded over the love of the same music and having the same energy in our playing. We also love a cold tap.

What’s been happening recently?
Since the release of our first single back in august 2022, we’ve been writing more songs, releasing more music and doing a line of live shows based in the Mornington peninsula. Building our repertoire and evolving our sound.
How’s it been growing up in Melbourne?
I’ve always felt like Melbourne has had this great culture attached to it even when I was growing up; catching AFL games with my mates, being able to go into the Dandenong ranges for hike trips, weekends away at Phillip island to surf, or experience a rich city life atmosphere in the CBD. It’s fair to say I’ve always felt very lucky to be here.
What’s the Melbourne music scene like at the moment?
I feel like the Melbourne music scene is coming back in a way I’ve never experienced. Almost reinforced after covid maybe? More often then not nowadays I hear my mates saying there going to see live music and bands play rather than go out clubbing or something alike. It’s seems to have a really strong local support behind it wherever you go, which is something I hold very highly about this city and community.
What or who influenced your single ‘Crash And Burn’?
The influence behind crash and burn came in three parts, kind of like a ‘before after and now’ situation. I remember feeling like a was always coming in and out of relationships in general and ultimately the feeling I remember the most was the ‘crashing’ and burning’ part. Or the ‘after and now’.  You know like there’s always good and bad moments, but for me musically I seem to draw the most off the bad. That’s not me saying that’s a good thing to do, it’s just the way it is for me haha.
How did this single come about?
Well after we had the key components of the music in our hands and the general tone for the track, we took it into the band properly and trialed it in a set. I think we had maybe 3-4 different versions from memory. But the one you hear is the one we loved.

Where and when did you record and who did you work with?

We recorded crash and burn in early April with Tim from restless noise studio at wrangler studios in Footscray. Great spot always feels like a little piece of home in there.

Do you have further plans for an EP?

We definitely plan on bringing an EP out by the end of the year. And we plan to continue to build on it everyday until then.

What’s planned for 2023 and beyond?
We just wanna continue on the path we’re on at the moment. We’re all loving it and just wanna enjoy every bit. I think it’s important to remember the journey.  we started by playing music in a house packed with our mates just for a good time and a few laughs. We hope if you come to any of our shows you can be apart of that experience with us.
Who are you listening to at the moment?
At the moment we’re listening to this track called whole by basement. We found it surfing YouTube one night after rehearsals. Love the all around flow and energy of this song.
Favourite food and place to hangout?

Favourite food would probably be gyg if we’re talking takeaway. If we’re talking cooked meals you can’t skip nannas gnocch come over for a bowl you’ll lose your mind. If we’re hanging anywhere good, (only the real ones will know) it’s The Hollow.

Insta: @wearenolongerkids

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