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After stumbling into virality with their tribute to Essendon footy star, ‘Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’, the Picket Palace boys have released their latest track ‘No Fun Intended’ via Daily Nightly Records.

 Inspired by the desire to revert back to a child in times of anxiety, ‘No Fun Intended’ doesn’t stray from the playful, chaotic & distinctly Australian sound the boys are known for.

“Anxiety makes you so worked up about everything that you aren’t really able to effectively deal with anything and you regress into a useless little baby. I wanted to play with how grotesque and stupid that transformation is,” says lead singer Seamus O’Connell.

The song features a running lyric only Australians would understand, “yeah, nah.” It’s contradictory yet we don’t question it, because we understand what it means without having to define it. Seamus explains he incorporated the line because “it calls back to the franticness and indecisiveness of anxiety and circular thinking.”

This release signifies the Picket Palace boys coming into their own, solidifying their sound outside of The Footy Record they became known for.


Birthed and nurtured in a sweaty loft apartment above a picket fence workshop in Brunswick, Picket Palace crank out razor-sharp punk belters and anxious, rambling reflections with an enthusiasm that is innocent, unpretentious and completely infectious. Urgent, punchy rhythms underpin distinctive, angular guitar lines and lyrics so honest and guileless that you’ll feel like the band have set your own half drunken conversations to music.

The boys soared to virality after releasing the highly animated film clip for ‘Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti’ which has since garnered half a million views respectively, plucking the boys out of Melbourne’s underground garage-rock scene and into national consciousness.

Their follow up record, aptly named ‘The Footy Record’, began almost as a joke – a couple affectionate punk rock tribute to the band’s favourite footballers, written mostly to amuse themselves. But once they introduced a couple of those tracks into their live set everyone fell in love with their raucous, ridiculous energy, and the band realised they were too good to be wasted as unheralded throwaways.

Recent performances include a slot on the main stage of the sold out Beyond The Valley festival over new years, alongside a sold out headline show at Northcote Social Club last September. Their live show is an exuberant, exhilarating trip that is somehow both ferociously energetic and sincerely heartwarming — an adorable riot, not to be missed…

“Every song is charming, genuine and covered in an endearing sense of irresponsibility – making Picket Palace the kind of band you’d love to see rip up a stage on a Friday night then eavesdrop on afterwards in the beer garden.” – Trouble Juice

“You could have easily assumed after the Tipungwuti hit that these guys were a bit novelty, but they’ve proven the goods again with garage rock that stands up in the heat of the contest.” – Declan Byrne (Triple J).


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