Nicole Sumerlyn

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Where are you currently based?

Currently calling North Vancouver, Canada home. 


What’s been happening recently?

This summer, I released my second single to the country music world called Floatin’! Co-written and produced by Mitch Merrett. In the spring, I released another tune called “Over A Drink”, so it’s been a fun year releasing this music after touring and playing shows for the past few years. 


How did you first start playing music?

My entire life has been on a stage. I went to a fine arts school, did musical theatre, played piano, and was a dancer for fourteen years. When I was around the age of 13, i naturally started writing songs and playing them for my friends and family. I got to perform a song I had written at a Christmas recital in the 8th grade. From there, I was addicted to singing live music. 10 years later, I’m able to do country music as a career! 


Your new single ‘Floatin’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting?

I’ve always had this idea of wanting to write a song about floatin’ down a river. I feel like there were so many summer country songs, but nothing strictly about one of the best things to do on the hot river days, Getting your favorite people, some inflatable tubes, and a couple of drinks and river float! 


Mitch Merrett, co-writer, and producer of the song liked the idea and we rolled with it. We wanted to capture a swampy country style. Inspired by the grit southern rockers The Cadillac Three and taking similar inspiration from Little Big Town’s smooth sound as well. 


Please tell us about your experience with working with Mitch Merrett (who co-wrote and produced the new single).

Mitch is someone who I’ve been connected with and friends with in the music industry for a few years now. In 2020, we started working together on a few different projects. His experience in the industry really brought this song alive and I learned so much throughout the process.


Where and when did you record and produce it?

Back in February, we wrote the song. Then started the recording process in May! Pretty quick! 


How did you approach the recording process?

When writing the song, we had a drum loop that I was writing to. In the writing session, he laid a simple draft guitar and I sang a rough vocal to that. We bounced around with the pitch and speed of the song for a little bit. Also spent some time exploring different ways we could add colour to the song! From there, he got the skeleton of the song done, and I came in for a day of vocals, sent it off to the rest of the guys, and here it is! 


You’ve released two singles this year – “Over A Drink” and “Floatin’”. How has this experience been?

Really exciting! It’s been a long time in the music industry of playing shows, writing songs, and recording what I’ve been a part of. It’s simply just wonderful that I can finally share the music that I’ve got for people to listen to! 


Who are you listening to at the moment?

Hailey Whitters, Lainey Wilson, Olivia O’Brien and of course, the new Olivia Rodrigo album. 


What do you like to do away from music?

I love cooking and baking. Hosting special dinners like Christmas or Thanksgiving brings me so much joy! Also, living in BC, we have such a beautiful backyard. So I love being able to do lots of hiking and camping. Really any time spent outdoors, and by the water makes me very happy. 


What’s planned for the remainder of 2021?

Currently recording a special song baby of mine. It’s a bluesy ballad, which is a very different approach then the other singles that I’ve put out this year. I’m really excited to share this softer, more vulnerable side. 


Favourite food and place to hang out?

Mexican food! Love me some fresh pico on anything. Always in the mood to have tacos in my life. – Favourite place to hangout, depends on the day. Either a dingy dive bar or by the river!

Twitter: @NicoleSumerlyn
Instagram: @NicoleSumerlyn

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