Nick Carver & The Mean St Butchers Release Gritty Rock Single ‘I Need To Feel’ With A Rugged Wild West Music Video

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Previous Support for Nick Carver & the Mean St Butchers

“It has a gorgeous dirty country blues feel to it, with big earthy guitars and rough-edged vocals. It’s foot-stomping, it’s a riot, yet comforting and personal.” (AU Review)

“The Way That You Walk is a smooth and moody piece that is rolling with bright keys, rolling brushed drums and Nick Carvers swoony vocal delivery.” (AAA Backstage)

“Searing soulful sludgy blues! That slide is getting a thrashing and sounds amazing. Love the brooding swamp this one’s rising up from. Unbeatable stompable rhythm.” [About ‘Two Legged Dog’] (Steph Hughes, Triple J)

“I’m glad I’m wearing boots while listening because I felt the intense need to stomp.”
[About ‘Two Legged Dog’] (Stacy Gougoulis, Triple J)

“Blow me down and let rip Nick! This is the kind of grit I can sink my teeth into.”
[About ‘Two Legged Dog’] (Kath Devaney, Triple J)

Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers, the regional Victorian rock and psychedelic blues outfit known for their rough-edged rock and soulful blues sound, have released their gritty ‘I Need To Feel’ and gripping accompanying music video today. This gritty rock anthem showcases a new sonic direction for the band, filled with foot-stomping rhythms, fuzz-driven guitar riffs, and a swirling intensity.

Since their sophomore album ‘ANIMALS’ that was released in July last year, Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers have been carving their own unique path by seamlessly blending rough-edged rock and psychedelic-swamp blues.

Now, ‘I Need To Feel’ sees Nick Carver shifting away from the alt-country/blues sound that defined his previous releases, embracing a raw and gritty rock feel. The track charges with energy from the opening notes, propelled by foot-stomping rhythm in the 3/4 time signature. Fuzz-driven guitar riffs add a layer of intensity, creating a swirling sonic landscape that perfectly complements Carver’s husky vocals. Backed by the smooth tones of vocalist Trudie Potter, the track builds with explosive riffs and an unwavering sense of drive and emotion.

Discussing the sound of ‘I Need To Feel‘, Nick Carver shares:

“As far as sound goes, it’s a rock song. There’s very little of the alt-country/bluesy sound that’s on the previous releases. That’s not to say that stuff is over, but I’ve been working towards writing some real straight-up rock stuff that people can be expecting to hear with the next few releases.

I’ve always loved some cool weird rock, like Funkadelic, Ween, Melvins, Brant Bjork, and early Queens of the Stone Age. I think all of those bands just played out some songs that were really simple to them and kept all the little nuances and oddities that we sometimes try to improve on and end up losing the really cool essence of the track.”

‘I Need To Feel’
 is a bold statement of the band’s evolution and showcases their ability to push musical boundaries while staying true to their rock roots. The track embodies the raw energy and captivating spirit that Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers have become known for.

Accompanying the track is the rugged music video created by Pete McKew which draws on references from the early work of aphex twin and the haunting imagery of the Australian masterpiece ‘Wake In Fright’. Using AI animation technology the video explores the violent and alcoholic history of Outback Australia, weaving in themes of alien abduction and mental illness. Through haunting visuals, evocative music, and symbolic imagery, it challenges perceptions of reality and delves into the fragile boundaries between sanity and madness.

Over the years, Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers have received widespread support for their previous releases, earning recognition from prominent outlets such as Double JABC Country, Glide MagThe AU ReviewScenestr, Countrytown and more. The band’s captivating live performances have seen them share the stage with notable artists like The Living EndCustardThe Fauves, and The Tea Party.

Having cut the band down to a 3 piece for the next run of shows, Nick and his band of butchers will be showcasing the song at their own regional festival, Arockalypse Now, in August.

For now, feel something real with Nick Carver & The Mean Street Butchers’ ‘I Need To Feel’ and the intense music video.

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