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Brisbane riders of the ether Nice Biscuit return armed with the thrilling new jam Passing Over (out July 7th) and word of a brand new EP.
Nice Biscuit’s idiosyncratic brand of psych rock gets another revision on Passing Over, their collective kaleidoscopic lenses in sharper focus, with more space and time given for the music to stretch out and explore.
Nice Biscuit are now crafting a driving and immersive wide-screen sound, where repetition suggests the sound of worn tyres kissing the road on a long journey onto destinations unknown.
“Passing over was really fun for us to work on. After writing darker and higher energy music in Create Simulate, we really wanted to dial it back a bit and focus on making music that was a bit more groovy and easy to dance to. Coincidently, this was when we were starting to play shows again as restrictions were easing. This song matched our excitement to be playing and sharing music again with everyone. I guess we really just wanted to dance with everyone again.”  
In a year that has already seen them gaining national radio nods from their Create Simulate EP with the songs ‘Candle’ and ‘Limbs’, their forthcoming EP, Passing Over, suggests Nice Biscuit have more gems waiting and aren’t wasting time looking back as they push forward on their inspired search for new sounds.
The EP shows a softer side of the Biccies, delving into the worlds of personal growth and emotional intelligence, breaking down the barriers of change, and entering new stages of life. They find solace in playful chords and melodies, warmer tones, laid-back grooves and enchanting vocals, sung by Grace and Billie. Four songs complete the EP, each creating a fresh colour palette and showing the band’s natural ability to create songs together. Recorded by Alistar Richardson and mixed by Sam Joseph, the EP will be released in late August with the first single and title track Passing Over dropping on the 7th July.
The first single Passing Over follows the passage of a sunset, gradually cloaking the landscape in darkness, and with it bringing a sense of relief and separation from the bright light of the daily grind. Slowly as darkness and quiet takes over, we ‘soak into the shining stars’ and give ourselves space to process the days’ intensity to give a sense of renewal and rest. The light filters in and the sun passes over us again, starting the next day anew as the cycle begins again.
The track came about from combining two half-written songs by Nick and Jess – the guitar and bass lines naturally interlocked, hit their stride and travelled down the open road together. The swinging drum beat filled the space between the guitar and bass lines to create a repetitive groove that evolves as the track progresses. Finally, an old 70’s organ in the studio was harnessed to its full capacity in order to add depth.

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Nice Biscuit are:

Billie Star (vocals, keyboard, percussion)

Grace Cuell (vocals, keyboard, percussion)

Nick Cavendish (bass)

Jess Ferronato (guitar, vocals)

Kurt Melvin (drums)

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