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Fender Play, the complete online learning platform for guitar, bass & ukulele, is today launching a brand-new path celebrating R&B/Soul music. This new path joins the popular Blues path, which has been on the Fender Play platform since its inception. 

The revolutionary styles of R&B and soul derived from traditional blues, jazz & gospel music in the 1940s, and over the decades, expanded into contemporary, mainstream top 40 music  & beyond. It showed the world the power of soul & feel and, of course, introduced us to iconic artists including Earth, Wind, and Fire, Alicia Keys, Amerie, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, H.E.R, Aretha Franklin & Curtis Mayfield.

This distinctive new Fender Play path launches with 18 new courses focusing on the building blocks of R&B  rhythm, tones, and chords and introduces five new instructors, including Taylor Gamble & Izzy Fontaine. These new lessons feature songs from R&B/Soul legends and come with all the Fender Play trimmings – chord scroll, practice tracks, end-of-level reviews, and the new feature, feedback mode. 

The brand has just introduced Feedback Mode, a Beta feature that goes beyond the guitar instruction the app already offers, and actually listens to your playing, provides an overall score, and detailed, note-by-note feedback to help new players adjust and improve their skills. With this new feature, plus a massive song library, plus video instruction on popular songs from songwriters themselves, it’s grown to be an amazingly comprehensive way to learn to play. 

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