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Saskia – For You

A glistening ballad recorded at Abbey Road’s studio 2, in partnership with charity Music For Mental Wealth. Saskia’s track was recorded with a 40-person strong choir and string quartet, and has raised over £8,000 via crowdfunding.

Alexander Teller – A Cigarette That Never Goes Out

This song is matched in it’s glory by a remarkable video, and is packed with unconventional metaphors – think The Guillemots Made-Up Lovesong #43 in bed with a 007 score. With a consistent clenched-fist bass groove Alexander’s vocal sits beautifully on top, and flirts between falorn falsetto and finessed ferocity.

Tuva Finseras – The Wanderer 

Tuva Finserås is a Norwegian-born artist whose music is far too original to pigeon-hole into a tidy genre. The Wanderer could be Tuva’s most accomplished track yet, blended between influences of Kate Bush and a western score.

Gracie Convert – Maybe

Gracie Convert is a British/French singer, songwriter, and producer. Having had a somewhat nomadic upbringing, growing up in South Africa, London, and France, she describes music as being the main constant in her life.

JAS CRW – Honey

JAS CRW is an energetic, afro-urban oriented trio based in Zurich, Switzerland. Known for their powerful live shows and a strong desire for progression, JAS CRW is already celebrating successes all over Switzerland, Germany and even Mozambique. With Honey, the multicultural Swiss trio JAS CRW, releases their second afro/dancehall infused single following Type Of Way feat. Dotman earlier this year.

Rico Rolando – Camera Shy 

Rico Rolando‘s third single, Camera Shy, is the lead track from his album ‘Taurus Truth’. Camera Shy is one of 13 records on Rico’s debut album, Taurus Truth. The project shows that, yet again, this kid has range, not just in pitch but in his ability to cross genres.

Vassco – 1 Percent

Vassco - 1 Percent

1 Percent is the lead single of Vass’s debut EP, The Hum Collection, having smashed 80,000 streams on his last release ‘New Money’. Vassco is one of those producers that can do anything. He works on records across so many genres; it’s a miracle he’s able to handle it. Listen to 1 Percent

Fopé – What A Feeling

Fopé is a singer-songwriter from South West London whose brand of R&B is influenced by the likes of Lauryn Hill, Rihanna and Erykah Badu. What A Feeling is a mesmerizing take on contemporary R&B, with dreamy vocals and driving percussion. Laden with hooky qualities, in both the synth work and the melodies, this track is set to wrap up 2019 in style. Listen to What A Feeling


DELANILA – Turning On The TV

DELANILA - Turning On The TV
Co-produced by Schwob and three-time Grammy-winning super producer David Bottrill (Muse, Tool, Peter Gabriel), Overloaded serves as DELANILA’s stunning debut, with lead single ‘Turning On The TV’. Listen to Turning On The TV

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